Bulgasal: Immortal Souls Ep 1&2: 4 moments that will help you decide if you should watch it or not

A plunge into the important moments of the new fantasy romance series featuring Lee Jin Wook, Kwon Nara and more.

Published on Dec 21, 2021 11:00 PM IST  |  1.2M
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Cursed since birth and exempt from death, a revenge-driven immortal sets the quest out on a quest to reclaim his soul and end a 600 -year-old vendetta. Dan Hwal (Lee Jin Wook) was a human 600 years ago. While he was carrying out his mission as a military officer to erase the remnants of the former dynasty, he became immortal. He has been immortal for the past 600 years. Min Sang Woon (Kwon Nara) used to be immortal. She is now reincarnated into a human being and lives as a human. After she went through a tragic event, she changed her name and identity. She lives in hiding and looks to exact revenge.

  1. The beginning of Hwal 

In the Goryo era, a child was brought into the world but he was said to be cursed and since then, no person who knew of his curse ever treated him kindly. After the death of a villager, the people blame the 10 year boy and his no-good curse for the attacks. They believe that Bulgasal has come to the mountain to find him. That night, another attack occurs. It’s a bloodbath, with a strange red-robed man arriving and presumably the culprit for killing all of Pal-Bong’s family. The villagers were ready to kill the child to get rid of the curse but a soldier trots out from the shadows and questions just what they’re doing. This General offers a kindness to the boy, deciding to name him Dan Hwal. Hwal means rebirth. As the tribe watches on in shock, the general decides to take the boy with him. The shaman warns that this will be a bad omen and the only way to break that will be to kill the boy but the General pays no heed and walks off with the child.

  1. Hwal’s sad ending 

Moving to the early Joseon period, Hwal is a vital part of the army. In fact, in their hunt to destroy all the monsters, he’s the focal point of this well-sharpened blade. Despite the soldiers chanting his name after battle, he’s still regarded suspiciously by the other high-ranking officials. Part of this comes from their fear of him. The only one who doesn’t fear him is the General. Unfortunately he’s been struggling to have any children, with his wife’s recent attempt ending prematurely. It’s heartbreaking to see, and Hwal is the one to bury the body and honour the babe’s memory. Now, Hwal also has a son of his own, A Chan, but he happens to be blind with visible blood stains against his bandages. Hwal sees this, remembers the shaman’s words and immediately realizes the curse of Bulgasal is real. In order to stop this and free them of this plague, Hwal decides to leave and hunt for Bulgasal himself. The resolve breaks easily as Bulgasal kills his son and wife. As he lays with his son, a red-robed woman appears behind him and plunges a sword into his back. Hwal’s eyes immediately begin glowing as it appears that Bulgasal has possessed him.

  1. Hwal’s rage

Episode 2 begins with Hwal grabbing the sword, growling maniacally, and stabbing this red-robed woman through the heart. The attack wasn’t enough as the two stared at each other until the latter perished into dust. The other soldiers show and are shocked that Hwal is still alive, despite being impaled with a sword. As he lets out a feral, guttural growl, the soldiers believe that Hwal has become Bulgasal and stick him with their swords. His back is a mosaic of blood and blade, as the Royal Court put out an order to kill Hwal. The General pulls a sword on Hwal and demands to know the truth. Hwal drops to his knees, pleading with him for death. Hwal is wracked with guilt and welcomes this release, especially as he feels responsible for A-Chan and Sol’s deaths. The General is unable to do this though, instead telling him to go into exile and live in the shadows instead. Hwal seethes with rage when he realises that the woman who left him in this state reincarnates as a human and he remains as a monster. He promises to take revenge on the person who ruined his life. 

  1. Hwal and Sang Un 

Many centuries pass and Hwal continues to find the person who completely obliterated him and in the year 2006, he seemed to have some luck. a robed Hwal runs into the reincarnated version of one of the kid villagers who gave him food all those years ago. He runs a detective agency and he hands over a picture of a woman – the same woman he’s hunting – and a gold bar for his troubles. Now, this woman happens to be Sang Yeon who lives in Sangyong with her sister Sang Un. Sang Yeon is incredibly paranoid and for good reason too. She suddenly realizes that Bulgasal is near, typified by our next shot as Hwal rocks up to her house in his car. The same car that’s been trailing the family for a while now. He smells Sang Un’s soul, which confirms that he’s one of the monsters from before, which have been reincarnated. Sangyeon decides to face Hwal alone but unfortunately, she is slain and Sang Un manages to escape. The series takes another leap and this time Sang Un decides to take revenge for her fallen sister but what she doesn’t realise is that Hwal has the exact same thoughts about her. 

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