Burning, A Tale of Two Sisters & more: 4 Korean psychological thriller movies that will mess with your head

From the land of incredible story-telling, we’re bringing you some amazing psychological thriller recommendations. Check them out here.
Burning, A Tale of two Sisters & more: 4 Korean psychological thriller movies that will mess with your head
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With ‘Parasite’ and ‘Minari’ gaining recognition from the US movie industry, it’s finally time to put certain South Korean movie gems out into the open. Remember Netflix’s Dark that suddenly shot to fame because of how incredibly detailed and mind-boggling it was? Well, that’s why we’re taking a detour from cheesy rom coms and ambitious stories to something more intense, something that will showcase the beautiful craft of Korean writers and directors. 


Majorly known for K-Pop, KDramas and KBeauty, movies generally rank fourth or fifth on the list of things that are widely known about the South Korean entertainment industry. Having said that, Korea has given the world some of the most classic and precious movie gems that are even taught in film school across the world. As a Korean culture enthusiast would know, whatever genre the writers set their heart upon, they turn them out to be something absolutely incredible. 


So today, we’re giving you top psychological thrillers that will have you thinking about the movie’s storyline, long after it’s over. And might as well want you to actually google the explanation! Some of these movies are ultimate classics that you should definitely watch! 


Forgotten (2017)

Directed by Jang Hang Jun, this 2017 thriller keeps the fog of mystery alive throughout its runtime. The plot is as straightforward as it is complicated, but maybe that’s the foundational basis of this genre. Jin Seok (Kang Ha Neul) leads an ideal life with his parents and a brother. 19 days after he gets kidnapped, his brother suddenly reappears, none the worse for the ordeal. Soon enough, Jin Seok starts to notice weird changes in the family’s behaviour, unable to put a finger on it. We follow as he tries to find the truth about the abduction, when he gets exposed to a lethal secret. What will happen? Does he make it out alive? Well, give the movie a try to find out more.   


A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)

This movie does not waiver from the claim that it will haunt your mind. Directed by Kim Jee Woon, this mystery-horror thriller has certainly become quite famous. The plot follows two sisters reuniting after their mother’s death. Back from being hospitalized in a mental institution for years, Su Mi (Im Soo Jung) tries to settle in with her sister, father and step mother Eun Joo (Yum Jung Ah). An ordinary life can not be led though. Soon, mutilations start taking place, and an eerie atmosphere descends upon the residents. With supernatural elements appearing, what will happen to the family?


Antarctic Journal (2005)

Directed by Yim Pil Sung and co-written by Bong Joon Ho, it tests the lengths a human brain can adjust and go to. It revolves around an expedition that is led by Do Hyung Choi (Song Kang Ho) with a team of six people. They want to achieve what others haven’t - reach the Antarctic point without any supply. Things go well at first, but soon after, strange things start happening. The cause of which is an ‘Antarctic Journal’ written by a British expedition team 80 years ago. One by one, each member starts seeing something delusional and basically, starts experiencing the same incidents that’s written in the book. They slowly descend into madness - leading them to the coldest places anyone can ever imagine. 


Burning (2018)

Starring the award-winning Yoo Ah In, ‘Burning’ is a movie that you’ll have to watch a couple of times, or read more about it, to actually understand what happens in the movie! A psychological mystery thriller, it’s a story about Jong Su who meets a girl who he used to know before and starts liking her. She tells him to take care of her cat while she goes to Africa for a trip. She comes back with a mysterious man named Ben who has quite a unique and secret hobby. Weird things start happening and Jong Su becomes more and more suspicious of Ben. It’s a movie that will definitely leave you with a lot of “burning” questions! The movie is actually based on a story called ‘Barn Burning’ by Haruki Murakami.


While some movies on this list have extreme violence or gore, please do check them out first before watching. ‘Burning’ is free from violence and is more of an abstract psychological thriller. 


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Have you seen any of these? Would you want us to do a part two featuring underrated psychological thriller movies? Let us know in the comments below!

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