Can you answer these tricky questions about BTS member Jimin's song Promise? Take the fun quiz and find out

Think you know it all about BTS member Jimin's beloved solo song Promise? Well, take this quiz and prove it!
Can you answer these tricky questions about BTS member Jimin's song Promise? Take the fun quiz and find out
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It's Promise Day today! Happy Promise day to everyone. The word 'promise' now reminds me of Jimin's solo song by the same name, which released in 2018. Jimin, one-seventh of the septet, is the lead vocalist and the lead dancer of the superstar group BTS. Chim Chim and Mochi, as he is fondly called by BTS' beloved fandom, ARMY, has grown from strength to strength in these years, and has become one of the most important aspects of the group.

Promise is a beautiful song, which is entirely Jimin's creation, with some generous help from his fellow band members. The song racked up an impressive 8.5 million streams in just 24 hours, breaking SoundCloud’s record for the highest number of streams within the first 24 hours of a song’s release. In a V-live broadcast, Jimin revealed that BTS' concert at Citi Field in New York inspired him to write the song. It was a historic moment for BTS and ARMY as they became the first Korean artists ever to hold a solo concert at a stadium in the United States. By Jimin's own admission, Promise has given him comfort and hope and pulled him out of dark and difficult times.

Promise kept its promise of providing love and warmth to ARMYs worldwide. You can test your knowledge about Jimin by taking this simple quiz on his song Promise below:

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ARMY, what were your results? Did you ace the Jimin's Promise test or not? Share your results with Pinkvilla in the comments below.

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thank you

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Promise to support you always.

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Jiminahh let intersect our pinkies now and promise each other that we will be with you for all our lives.