Cash Review: Amol Parashar starrer is a comic take on demonetisation but lacks humour

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Cash Review: Amol Parashar starrer is a comic take on demonetisation but lacks humour
Cash Review: Amol Parashar starrer is a comic take on demonetisation but lacks humour

Movie Name: Cash

Cash Cast: Amol Parashar, Smriti Kalra, Kavin Dave, Gulshan Grover and Swanand Kirkire

Cash Director: Rishab Seth

Rating: 2/5

Demonetisation – this was one of the major life-changing events for the entire country wherein Prime Minister Narendra Modi had demonetised Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes in 2016. The new announcement had left the nation in major chaos and everyone across the nation had faced a lot of difficulties. And while it’s been five years since demonetisation, get ready to relive those days as Amol Parashar’s recent release Cash deals with the chaos surrounding demonetisation but with a humorous twist.

Helmed by Rishab Seth, Cash narrates the story of a group of youngsters coming together to launder black money after demonetisation and the tricks they used to do the same. It all started with Armaan Gulati (played by Amol Parashar), a youngster who has a dream of becoming the Elon Musk of India, coming up with new ideas for his start-up almost every day. While none of his ideas had worked for him, things take a turn for Armaan after he tries to use demonetisation as a business opportunity. This starts a series of jugaads with some quirky incidents as they have Rs 5 crore to launder within a limited period of time. In fact, in his quest to make money in this laundering of black money, he ends up messing up with politicians and cops.

But the question remains whether he will be able to launder the black money along with making his ‘oh so unique’ business idea a success. To note, Amol Parashar, who is an epitome of talent, might come as a slight disappointment with his usual expressions. However, he did manage to hold the loose storyline together on his shoulders. On the other hand, Smriti Kalra, Kavin Dave and Swanand Kirkire did leave a mark with their stint. In fact, Kavin Dave will undoubtedly remind you of one of your friends who is superstitious and often hesitates from taking risks in life. This isn’t all. Cash also stars Gulshan Grover who is seen as the not so usual ‘bad man’ with a punch of comedy.

Overall, Cash, with the old demonetisation story, is an attempt to present the chaos with a quirky twist. While the movie is said to be a quirky comedy, you will definitely miss the humorous punches in it amid the chaotic storyline. However, it can serve as a decent one time watch. You can watch it on Disney+Hotstar.

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