The cast of 'D.P.' discuss key takeaways, making the drama more 'humanistic' & why they would date Jung Hae In

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The official poster for 'D.P.'
The official poster for 'D.P.' (Pic credit - Netflix)

The global media showcase for Netflix's upcoming military drama 'D.P.' was held online today, on August 25 at 11 am KST (7:30 am IST). Host Park Kyung Rim greets us in a lime yellow padded jacket with the letters 'DP' posted in bold as we quickly soak in the set-up for the global showcase. A 'military base' kind of a set-up with yellow and black striped lines painted across the floor, with faint marks of footsteps strewn across the floor. Barbed wires marked the military base room's territory as the yellow and black striped lines marked a clear distinction between the squad members and the MC! Special locker rooms designated to each character with note-worthy details like military boots added to the atmosphere.

The cast members Jung Hae In, Koo Kyo Hwan, Kim Sung Kyun, Seon Seok Koo and director Han Jun Hee entered on the cue of the foot-tapping music played, looking sharp and handsome in shades of black and grey, camouflaging well with the muted colours of the background. The cast members entered and stood in attention, saluting the virtual attendees and worldwide fans, excited to tune into the drama.

Jung Hae In was the first one to greet us as he got into the character "Hi everyone, hello I'm Ahn Jun Ho. I'm happy to be here". The rest of the cast and the director greeted the attendees as well. The host was quick to ask them their views on the cast and they couldn't help but marvel at the sheer detailing of the set-up. Jung Hae In used the words 'refreshing' and 'amazing' to describe the setup and added that he feels like he is shooting a scene and Koo Kyo Hwan, on the other hand, was quick to remark that it reminded him of his military days! They lauded the crew for their remarkable efforts and shared that it brought back pleasant memories from the shoot.

The host asked the cast members to recall their first day of the shoot and director Han Jun Hee shared that the actors identified themselves with their characters so much so that they have to be referred by their real names! Jung Hae In added that initially he referred to himself as 'Private Jung Hae In' and was so nervous that it almost reminded him of his military days!

The host played the official trailer of 'D.P.' and proceeds to asked the actors about the term 'Deserter Pursuit' aka 'D.P.' Jung Hae In shared that 'D.P.' is a special unit in the military who go undercover in the civilian world searching for those who have deserted the army. Director Han Jun Hee added that 'Deserter Pursuers' wear civilian clothing, dye their hair to blend with the crowd, a brief glimpse of which we can see in the trailer. The host inquired if the cast members had any clue about 'Deserter Pursuers' or have met any real-life; Koo Kyo Hwan quipped that he once shared a meal with a 'Deserter Pursuit' and asked him about his first-hand experience dealing with people who run away from the military.

Jung Hae In shared that he learnt a lot about this from the webtoon, which currently stands at 10 million views. The director shared that writer Kim Bo Tong, who has written both the webtoon and the screenplay for the drama drew from his personal experience of being involved with 'Deserter Pursuers' and incorporated the details in his writing as well.

The host quizzed them as to why this was a story they wanted to share with the world and director Han Jun Hee explained that this was a story that they truly wanted to bring on-screen. He believes that audiences will be able to resonate themselves with the 'young lads serving in the military and issues like these need to be discussed and spoken about widely. Jung Hae In was quick to add that he wants the audiences to think of his character Ahn Jun Ho as a 'friend' they know of and can rely on!

We are introduced to Koo Kyo Hwan's character who plays the role of Corporal Han Ho Yeol. Koo Kyo Hwan made a sweet confession that when he first received the casting offer, it felt like a 'warm letter' addressed to him and it is the 'humanistic' aspect of all the characters is a key takeaway from 'D.P.' Jung Hae In agreed to Koo Kyo Hwan's views adding that the script was like 'reading a comic book', it was fun and could be easily pictured by the readers. Also, all the characters possess their own individual, unique charm as well.

Son Seok Koo shared that the story was relatable to him as he had served in the military in the past and the camaraderie shared with his fellow cast members was so realistic, that they almost felt like they were real comrades! Jung Hae In added that the rest of the cast members were like big brothers to him and it was fun to hang out together like friends.

To spice up the global press conference further, the host unveiled the special lockers designated to each cast member and the special props they had in store for the fans! The MC started by showcasing Jung Hae In's locker to fans who had padded jackets, some civilian clothing and boxing gloves! Jung Hae In shed some light on his character and revealed that Ahn Jun Ho was an avid boxer before joining the military and holds the boxing gloves close to his heart! Jung Hae In revealed that he learnt boing for three months to prepare for his role and had to be at his fittest, because the action sequences in 'D.P.' are some of the key takeaways of the drama, and to make it look more authentic, it was shot in one go without any cuts! The host joked that the female fans can now look forward to a 'rough and tough Jung Hae In' leaving the actor blushing!

MC Park Kyung Rim quizzed the cast on the burning question that was on the audience's mind - 'Why do the cast members want to date Jung Hae In?'. Kim Sung Kyun jokingly responded that he wants to treat Jung Hae In to a nice, wholesome meal with rice and Korean style soup inspired by his character from the Son Ye Jin starter 'Something In The Rain'! Koo Kyo Hwan quipped that his ideal date with Jung Hae In would be to shoot a scene from 'D.P.' much to host Park Kyung Rim's surprise!

The rest of the cast members' lockers were unveiled revealing a host of interesting items. From a well-ironed suit, an old cellphone and tennis rackets, the items are instrumental in understanding the psyche of the characters they play and what can the audiences expect from the drama!

As we neared the end of the virtual global press conference, we are given a final glimpse of the making of 'D.P.' and why it is an 'Ordinary yet Extraordinary Story'! After answering some notable questions from local and international media, the cast members bid farewell to the virtual attendees and Netflix's global fanbase, requesting them to tune into the drama on August 27 on Netflix.

In final words for the farewell, director Han Jun Hee and the cast members shared that 'D.P.' can be best described as holistic, 'humanistic' and healing and they are hopeful that fans all over the world will love and relate to the drama. The cast members assembled to bid a final adieu with a quick and sharp salute, 'D.P.' style.

'D.P.' airs on August 27 (Friday) KST on Netflix!


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