Celebrating #HappyBirthJay with ENHYPEN Jay’s cute & funny moments that made us fall in love with him

ENHYPEN’s Jay turns 19 years old today, on April 20! Let’s celebrate the dancing angel by remembering favourite moments of him on I-Land.
ENHYPEN member Jay clicking a finger heart selfie Celebrating #HappyBirthJay with ENHYPEN Jay’s cute & funny moments that made us fall in love with him
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On April 20, 2002, among the many others who were born, was born a very talented soon-to-be superstar idol, Park Jong Seong in Seattle, United States. He went on from being Park Jong Seong to being the famous charmer and dancing machine, Jay of ENHYPEN. Today marks this young talented artists’ birthday and to celebrate it, we’re going to talk about the times he made the whole world fall in love with him!

Starting his idol journey on the survival reality show I-Land, Jay was one of the few contestants recognized early as the one who had incredible skills and visuals. With his charming smile, and a powerful synchronized dance with Sunghoon as they entered I-Land, Jay had already created a certain mark of his! On I-Land, Jay showed us some really funny, endearing, and adorable moments, bearing his heart out on his sleeves. Fans around the world who tuned in to the show could see how passionate Jay was in his pursuit of achieving his dreams - from talking about resentment, shame, and confidence issues to overcoming them with friends and his ambition.


So let’s get started with the birthday boy’s birthday celebration! 


Jay’s embarrassing moment cemented in history by BTS’ Jungkook

Jay probably is one of the very few idols who, before his debut, showed us ‘How To Embarrass Yourself 101’ with as many moments as one can remember! One of the many moments that immediately will come to any fans’ minds is the episode where BTS appeared and left sweet surprise gifts, answered questions, and much more for the members. Each member had prepared questions they’d like to ask beforehand and Jay asked about some tips on how to be less embarrassing. As soon as J-Hope read it out loud, Jungkook replied, ‘This is going to be one of your embarrassing moments too,’ which had everyone laugh out loud! Guess Jungkook was speaking the truth! 


His crying meme face - full of heartbreak and pain

When in an episode segment members were asked which moment in the past they’d like to erase forever, Jay of course replied with his classic ‘Resentment. Anger. Shame’ motto. But there was another surprise. Jay’s iconic meme face! It was a clip where Jay said out loud when he was a part of the Ground team, to not cry when they get selected to move to the I-Land team. However, the next instant, we see Jay crying profusely by cupping his face with one hand! It of course became a meme face and something that Jay is always going to be remembered for! 


‘Resentment. Anger. Shame.’ - His embarrassment and pride

During one of the many interviews conducted on I-Land, Jay shared a heartbreaking story of his past. Putting one’s failures on national TV isn’t easy, but he did it. He talked about how he continued getting rejected for parts and described this frustration in three words - Resentment, anger, shame. It was heartbreaking at first, but it soon became his motto. This was even one of the past moments that he wanted to erase! But he made this into a fun greeting by introducing himself as “I’ll lighten up the mood with my resentment, anger, and shame. I am the brand new RAS leader, Jay” to the producers!


‘Want to shower together?’

Doesn’t matter our take on ghosts, Jay believes in them and is scared of them too. As if to top that, he’s unabashedly straightforward and funny! Never thinking twice before saying or doing something, he ends up making more embarrassing stories. While EJ was pranking the members by being a ghost, Jay just walked by Sunghoon and asked him nonchalantly, ‘Sunghoon, will you shower with me?’, leading to a shocked Sunghoon! 


The tough-to-express guy expressing his love in a letter

Fans of I-Land know how Jay struggled with confidence issues. Even though he was a skilled dancer and singer, he still had low self-esteem and it was great to see him overcome it on the show. Before one of the elimination rounds where he was sure he’d be leaving, he wrote letters expressing his feelings to Kay, Ta-ki, Jake, and Sunghoon. Fans were moved by how heartwarming his letters were. This went on to show that Jay also cherished each friendship he made in the survival show. 


When his mom dissed him on national TV

As a benefit of winning a segment, Jay received the chance of calling any of his loved ones. He chose to call his mom - a moment that made it in the list of his funny moments on I-Land. His mom straight up asked him, ‘Son, did you drop out?’ which again made the audience laugh! She also showed her concern by asking him if he did anything embarrassing again. She ended up saying ‘There’s no trainee with so many embarrassing moments’. And we’re not sure how much heed Jay paid for it, because soon after that episode, he slithered across the floor like a snake in another one!

With countless moments and burning passion, Jay made his way into our hearts. He was the second most voted member in the final episode, with 1,192,889 votes! 

Happy Birthday to our dancing machine and angry bird, Jay! 


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Have you wished the birthday boy yet? Drop-in your wishes and favourite moments of his in the comments below!