Celebrating SHINee's Jonghyun on his birthday: The poetic genius who was way ahead of his time

Join us in celebrating Jonghyun on his birthday as we recount some of his most precious work.
Celebrating SHINee's Jonghyun on his birthday: The poetic genius who was way ahead of his time
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A rebel, a poet, an artist, Jonghyun was a revolution simply by virtue of his being. While creating the foundation of K-Pop as we know it today, he simultaneously reformed the predominant soundscape to do justice to his own forms of expression. Music found its muse in Jonghyun and he made magic from the same, molding it into unimaginable melodies with his voice. His artistic faculties will go down in history as the golden examples of how music holds the immeasurable power to change the world. On Jonghyun’s birthday, we take a look at some of the most potent music he has created and why he will be remembered as poet, artist always and forever. 

Lonely ft. Taeyeon

Perhaps one of the strongest vocal pairings to come out of the music industry at large, found fruition in the song Lonely. Such simple and yet, deeply affective lyrics came from a place in his soul that he had carefully kept hidden behind his bright smile. There couldn’t have been a more perfect feature than his best friend Taeyeon to depict such poignant pain and the amalgamation of their flawless and unique voices is nothing less of an angels’ choir. 



In an unbelievable leap from Lonely, Moon is as sensual and it gets. Putting his inimitable falsettos on full display, he expresses a deep passion unshakably. He weaves an aesthetic with his words that can only be described as otherworldly. Moon is the peak of musical eroticism and there are no two ways about it. 


From ballads to R&B, jazz to disco, Jonghyun can do it all effortlessly. Shinin’ is the very essence of Jonghyun’s being. It is bright and peppy, the perfect song to lift one up, instilling hope where there might not appear to be any. This was very characteristic of Jonghyun himself, always putting others before him, which in turn created the extraordinary empathy that she amplifies in every song. 


Jonghyun strips himself of all his inhibitions in order to have an honest discourse with his own self. Oftentimes, the most difficult person you have to face at the end of the day is yourself and that is the sentiment reflected through Elevator. It is painfully apparent now that his music was his own personal attempts at assimilating all the scattered identities he could not get through to. 

On this very special day, we miss Jonghyun more than ever and he will forever hold a very precious place in our hearts. Join us in wishing him a very happy birthday and don’t forget to leave your favourite Jonghyun song in the comments down below!