Celebrity singer IU spills the backstory behind her viral clip with Thai actress Davika Hoorne

IU, the beloved South Korean soloist recently shared a behind story about the viral clip of her kissing the Thai actress at a recent fashion event

Updated on Sep 23, 2023   |  08:23 PM IST  |  111.3K
IU, DAVIKA HOORNE; Credits: Davika's Instagram
IU, DAVIKA HOORNE; Credits: Davika's Instagram
Key Highlight
  • IU clears the sir behind the viral video with Thai actress Davika Hoorne at Gucci event in Seoul
  • IU and Davika Hoorne are birthday twins just an year apart, she was given a birthday gift by Davika

In a recent interview, Celebrity singer IU talked about a viral moment that made the fans go crazy. She opened up and explained the back story behind the viral kissing clip of her that went viral with Thai actress Davika Hoorne at one of the events hosted by Gucci. She explained the moment by saying her pupils were shaking for 0.1 seconds.

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IU spills about her binding with Thai actress Davika Hoorne

Recently the YouTube channel of Elle Korea uploaded a video titled 'This is an explanation for IU's shocking kiss issue (feat. Davika Hoorne)". The viral moment took place earlier in May when IU was attending Gucci's event held in Seoul which saw many ambassadors of the luxury fashion house at the venue. IU was seen attending the event like many other celebrities. One of her interactions with Thai actress Davike Hoorne went viral among fans and here's why. IU shared, " Davika who’s next to me here is a very outgoing person. And she’s the It Girl too, isn’t she?”, she further added, “She approached me first and said, ‘You and I have the same birthday’. So we bond through that. That day was my birthday. Since we both had our birthday, we told each other ‘Happy Birthday!’. Suddenly she tilted slightly towards me. I was not sure if she was going for a kiss” 


She added, “It was so dark and so loud. I wasn’t sure what kind of gesture I should do in that moment. I feel like I’ve seen this in a Western drama”, IU continued, “So I thought, so I have to kiss..? I made that decision in an instant. If you look at me here, for a good 0.1 second, my pupils were shaking. You probably can see it. I went, ‘Do I have to give a kiss?’. If it wasn’t what she meant, I could have been rude if I misunderstood her.” IU concluded by saying, “But anyway, Davika responded cheerfully. It was the first time for me as well. So with that, Davika and I gained a special and interesting bond with each other”

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Credits: ELLE KOREA; Davika's Instagram
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