Chimera Trailer OUT: Park Hae Soo struggles to locate the real national criminal as explosions block his path

Published on Oct 06, 2021 10:16 AM IST  |  68.4K
Stills from 'Chimera' trailer
Stills from 'Chimera' trailer : courtesy of OCN

On October 6, the trailer for OCN’s upcoming thriller series ‘Chimera’ was shared, revealing a closer look at the monster that has struck once again. Emerging 35 years after an infamous arson case, the police force grapples with the outcome and the reemergence of a national criminal.


At the forefront of this fight is homicide detective Cha Jae Hwan, played by actor Park Hae Soo, who finds himself facing a serial killer. The trailer shows how surgeon Joong Yeop played by Lee Hee Joon gets himself involved in the mess. As another car blows up, criminal profiler and ex FBI agent Eugene, taken on by Claudia Kim, mentions the past explosion case. 


Cha Jae Hwan notes the similarities between the two cases and realises the return of the monster. As Joong Yeop refuses to answer questions and raises more suspicion about himself, doubt arises if he is the real Chimera. With the appearance of the same lighter as that of the explosion case in the past, detective Cha Jae Hwan wills to receive clues struggling as more fires break out.


Who is the real Chimera?




Earlier, a funny side to the detective who makes it his mission to hunt down killers was revealed as Park Hae Soo adds a refreshing touch to his usual serious tone. Claudia Kim’s beauty at display, she takes charge as a profiler going into detail about each suspect as Lee Jee Hoon upturns their world with his unwelcome presence.


Chimera’ debuts on the screens of the viewers on October 30 at 10: 30 PM KST (7 PM IST) on OCN.


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