Christmas Love By Jimin: BTS singer drops a wholesome holiday song; Turns towards childhood for inspiration

BTS singer Jimin drops a new song titled Christmas Love ahead of the holiday. The song has been produced by Jimin, RM and Slow Rabbit.
Christmas Love By Jimin: BTS singer drops a wholesome holiday song; Turns towards childhood for inspiration
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Although there are a few hours left until the clock strikes 12 and Christmas gifts are exchanged. But BTS member Jimin decided to ring in the Christmas feels a tad early. The South Korean singer surprised the fandom by dropping a new song titled Christmas Love. The Christmas song has been produced by Slow Rabbit, Jimin and RM with Jimin on the vocals. The new Christmas song channels hope, joy and happiness amid these trying times, making it the perfect gift this season. 

Mochi describes a white Christmas, showering the festival with all his love. He compares himself to a child running in the sky as he absorbs all the Christmas vibes. "I run as hard as/I can, I feel like I'm flying above the clouds like a child over there/If someone hears me, would/you stop time like this," a part of the lyrics read. ChimChim also confesses being scared that Christmas will leave soon before he requests it to stay a little longer. 

Check out BTS singer Jimin's new song Christmas Love below: 

Taking to Bangtan Blog, Jimin shared a letter revealing the inspiration behind the song. His letter reads: 

Hello everyone, this is Jimin. 

Did you get a good Christmas present? 

I really wanted to hear from you, but fortunately, I am very, very happy to be able to do so.

The reason I came here today is why I suddenly heard this bright song in this difficult situation,

I came here because I wanted to tell you a little about the reason. As you can see from the contents of the song

This song is a scene where my favourite snow falls out of my childhood memories.

I sing with my feelings when I first saw them. 

As we grow up, it seems that we miss our childhood a lot. 

Whether that’s the situation now or not,

I thought I wanted to go back to that time.

The responsibility of something you have as you grow,

That responsibility makes us mature

I thought that it might make us hide our emotions a little. 

But I still think we have those feelings.

So it's childish at least once, but how about expressing that feeling? 

I thought it would be nice if that day would be today. 


All of you are always worthy of love.  

So, even if it’s a little shy than the usual expression

I hope there will be a situation where everyone can enjoy together. 

It’s a song that’s far short of what’s written in grandiose,

I hoped that all of you would be happy people and made it hard with one wish.

I hope I can go back to the old days that you remember a little bit after listening to the song.

What did you think of the song? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Thank you jimin for your present. I am still listening it even after Christmas!

Anonymous 2 months ago

Love this song and especially seeing pictures of Jungkook in it

Anonymous 2 months ago

Lmao his lipstick. I wont even hire him to do clapping on a wedding let alone admiring him.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Love this song

Anonymous 2 months ago

Jiminissi, I love it! Your voice is so beautiful. It made me remember the Christmases I had with my daddy when he was alive. Thank you. Stay safe and healthy . Most of all be happy, love you totally. Love always, Monica (Texas, USA)

Anonymous 2 months ago

Love this song and love jiminin voice

Anonymous 2 months ago

Love you and the rest of your group. You are truly an inspiration and an angel. Tell RM my 25 year old daughter wants to marry him lol. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year . Stay safe.

Anonymous 2 months ago

We love you jimina~~~~~ Happy holiday♡

Anonymous 2 months ago

I'll say this truthfully. From the time i have seen bts and from the time jimin has come in my life, its so much better. Always listening to his voice soothes me and makes me feel good. And he is a true model with his voice as i want to become a singer.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Jimin you are our Angel WE LOVE YOU

Anonymous 2 months ago

This angel has given me the best present ever..

Anonymous 2 months ago

Jimin you made my Christmas more fulfilled with happiessn. You are a real angel. Merry Christmas to you and your family and bts members also. Love to bts from India.

Anonymous 2 months ago

The best gift of the year. Jimin's song is lovely lovely lovely!

Anonymous 2 months ago

I love you so much Jimin merci pour cette belle chanson de Noël Mery Chistmas Jimin

Anonymous 2 months ago

Jiminahhh Love you!!

Anonymous 2 months ago

Jimin you are an angle with the kindest soul you made my Christmas

Anonymous 2 months ago

Why you just release this song, you make my Christmas this year happy love you jimin your voice like an angel merry Christmas to you jimin and everybody