CHUNGHA and Colde’s remake song My Lips Like Warm Coffee tops real-time music charts

The two artists have shown their power. Read more to find out!
'My Lips Like Warm Coffee' by CHUNGHA and Colde 'My Lips Like Warm Coffee' by CHUNG HA and Colde
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CHUNGHA and Colde’s remake song ‘My Lips Like Warm Coffee’ has topped the real-time music charts on Genie Music and Bugs Music as of 10 AM of 9th June. It is a remake song whose original song was also extremely popular. The original song was by a band called Sharp in their album S#arp 4.5(Flat album). The popularity of the original song led to high expectations from fans for its remake. CHUNGHA and Colde meet these expectations very well as the result is seen with the remake song’s performance on the charts. 


CHUNGHA, also known as Kim Chungha, is a singer, dancer and songwriter whereas Colde is a singer and songwriter. Both of them are soloists. Sharp was a mix-gendered band that was active from 1998 to 2002. ‘My Lips Like Warm Coffee’ is a duet song about a man and woman having a sincere heart-to-heart conversation about their relationship. The song accentuated the vocals and reduced the rap parts for greater impact of the emotions. The harmony and blending of CHUNGHA and Colde’s voices makes it a beautiful and poignant song. They create a friendly yet unique atmosphere while singing. The duo was able to successfully revive this 20 year old song with their own unique style of music.


Their proficiency brought them the gift of topping the music charts. The Melon24Hits is counted based on aggregated usage over 24 hours. It has also received a good response, thus indicating the song’s success and reception from the listeners. Let’s show some love for this wonderful remake song and support CHUNGHA and Colde!


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