Comedy Couple Movie Review: The Shweta Basu Prasad and Saqib Saleem starrer fails to deliver a punchline

Shweta Basu Prasad and Saqib Saleem star in the new movie Comedy Couple. While the two stars are a ray of sunshine to a mundane week, their movie doesn't do justice to their chemistry.
Comedy Couple Movie ReviewComedy Couple Movie Review: The Shweta Basu Prasad and Saqib Saleem starrer fails to deliver a punchline
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Movie Name: Comedy Couple 

Comedy Couple Cast: Saqib Saleem, Shweta Basu Prasad,  Pooja Bedi, Rajesh Tailang, Aadar Malik, Subha Rajput, Jasmeet Singh Bhatia and Pranay Manchanda

Comedy Couple Director: Nachiket Samant

Comedy Couple Rating: 2.5 stars

Before we proceed, SPOILERS AHEAD. 

Comedy Couple starts with a metaphor comparing a relationship with chilled beer. Like the beer that turns warmer and loses its zeal, a relationship tends to get "garam" too, is what the makers want us to believe. By the time Comedy Couple ends, I felt that the metaphor stands true to the movie too. The Zee5 Original, starring Shweta Basu Prasad and Saqib Saleem, revolves around two comedians, Deep (Saqib) and Zoya (Shweta). The real-life couple decides to take their relationship to the comedy stage and before you know it, they go viral with their act. 

While they watch their fandom slowly increase, Deep and Zoya face everyday struggles of being in a live-in relationship. We learn that the glib liar that Deep is, has tricked the society into believing that the two of them are siblings. However, they are caught making out in the lift and kicked out of society because they don't support the idea of a live-in couple. With no solution in hand, Zoya ends up living with a friend who is a staunch feminist (Subha Rajput), while Deep puts up at his friend's filthy apartment. To top it, the friend (Aadar Malik) is always under the influence. Talk about stereotype! 

Tired of their arrangement, Deep and Zoya decide to arrange for a fake marriage certificate and rent an apartment. Meanwhile, they turn the series of unfortunate events into content for comedy and become even more popular. Once they find an apartment, they move in together, but now, with all lies bared, bears heavy on their backs, and Zoya proposes she and Deep tie the knot for real. 

The story turns around when Zoya finds out that Deep hasn't even mentioned about his darling girlfriend, or their live-in arrangement, to his parents because of their conservative outlook. The couple ends up fighting but the act must go on! As the two comedians stand under the spotlight, police arrests Deep for cracking a joke about gaumutra and he spends the night in jail. 

As the story progresses, Deep's parents find out all about the web of lies he has spun, and it impacts his relationship with Zoya. In the heat of the moment, Deep crosses the line in a battle of words, and Zoya leaves him. What happens to Comedy Couple - the act? Will Zoya and Deep manage to keep their personal life in the green room to ensure the show goes on? Or does Comedy Couple turn into Comedy Singles? You will have to watch the movie to find out. 

However, we do warn you that it is a mixed bag. The film starts off with a couple of good laughs, topped with a huge dollop of relatability. There are a number of memorable scenes and dialogues that hint at intelligent writing. This includes the first act by the on-screen couple. The set, that lasts only a few minutes, does draw you into the movie. Another scene that had my attention was the jail sequence. There were some clever lines to bring out the irony of the situation. Then there's the scene where Deep's parents confront him about his stand-up comedy, drinking habits and whatnot, which elicits a couple of laughs. The movie leaves you grinning on a couple of occasions. But it's not something we've never seen before. Comedy Couple relies on safe, tried-and-tested layers, with little room for experimentation. 

The hunky-dory vibes start fading when the director loses track in the middle of the melodrama. The movie unevenly juggles between the comedy acts and the couple's love story, leaving you wondering what the filmmaker is asking you to pay attention to - the love story or their comic acts. In the see-saw between the relationship and comedy, the story doesn't do justice to either and results in becoming a drag. 

Although the script wasn't as strong as it could have been, Shweta and Saqib keep the viewers engaged. The two ooze the charm of a real-life couple and their endearing chemistry is a treat to watch. Like Zoya and Deep, Shweta and Saqib complement each other's performances well. 

The supporting cast has the potential to elevate the movie, but here they are reduced to sorry prolonged cameos. Jasmeet Singh Bhatia as the broker and Pranay Manchanda as the couple's manager deliver a few hilarious punchlines but that's about it. This movie could have been an interesting take on the subject but the makers don't seem ready to take the plunge. 

Final Verdict: Comedy Couple casually touches upon the problems of a live-in couple trying to make it big in the comedy circuit sans a political agenda, while delivering a bucket load of aww-worthy moments. Watch the movie for Shweta and Saqib's heartwarming chemistry.

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