Connect Premiere Episode Review: Jung Hae In and Go Kyung Pyo share a strange connection

Let’s take a look at some of the terrifying moments from the first episode of Connect starring Jung Hae In, Go Kyung Pyo and more.

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The drama follows Ha Dong Soo (Jung Hae In) as part of a new human race called connect. The connect beings never die. One night, Ha Dong Soo is kidnapped by a group of human organ traffickers. His eye is cut out from him. He soon sees something and realizes the man who has his stolen eye is a serial killer. Ha Dong Soo is now able to see what the serial killer sees. He chases after the serial killer to stop him from killing anymore people. Meanwhile, Ha Dong Soo’s stolen eye has been transplanted into Oh Jin-Seob (Go Kyung Pyo). Oh Jin-Seob looks like a polite and competent employee at work, but he is actually a cold-blooded serial killer.

Jung Hae In as Dong Soo:

Jung Hae In expresses Dong Soo, who has lived while hiding the fact that he is a new human being 'Connect' in the drama, but gradually awakens as he connects with Jin Seop. In addition to acting for CG filming, he fully digests all the emotions of the character with only one eye.

Go Kyung Pyo as Jin Seop:

Go Kyung Pyo doubles the tension of the drama by creating Jin Seop, who is 'connected' with Dong Soo in the drama, as a character with his own eerie conviction and cause, not a simple serial killer. Kim Hye Jun also added her own charm to her ridge, which has a mysterious aspect of whether she is an enemy or an ally.

Takashi Miike:

The acting of the actors and the unique direction of director Takashi Miike, who has risen to the ranks of world-class directors with 'Audition', 'Three, Monster' and 'Clash of Evil', are also expected points. Director Takashi Miike predicted that "an unpredictable and never-before-seen story will unfold", and the actors also expressed their impressions of the work, saying, "It is fresh and unique." In addition, 'Connect', a close collaboration between Korea and Japan, intuitively shows the characteristics of new people who do not die even if they die through CG. Born from director Takashi Miike's idea, Jin-seop's 'corpse art' is expected to leave an unforgettable impression with its terrifying yet admiring visuals.  In addition, the OST 'My Song' of 'Connect', written and composed by singer-songwriter Seonwoo Jung-a, also draws attention. 'My Song' is a song that contains the solitude of Dong-soo, who lives a different life from others, and is used as a medium to connect with Jin-seop as 'Connect'. It amplifies the unique atmosphere of its own.


Dozens of red-hot tentacles stretched out from his body, which was wide open enough to show his organs, and quickly entangled him.As the tentacles connect, the man's body is restored to its original smooth state with no scars.The man twists his whole body and suffers, but soon finds his peace. It is a new human race Connect with an immortal body that does not die.  Among the total of 6 episodes, the 1st episode, which give the impression that they are sci-fi thrillers like horror movies.At the beginning of the drama, he puts effort into creating a sense of fear by magnifying a brutal scene or suddenly ringing a phone.


Dong Soo and Jin Seop:

If Dong Soo's narrative flows in a gross and scary atmosphere, Jin Seop's narrative creates grotesque fear in a calm and cool atmosphere. Jin Seop announces his existence to the world with a statue of a woman entangled in a thorny rose vine. The moment people flocked to the statue, which looked like a beautiful sculpture, suddenly dark red blood began to flow from the statue's fingertips and eyes.This statue is 'corpse art' made from the body of the person Jin Seop killed.

Jung Hae In and Go Kyung Pyo's performance:

The performances of Jung Hae In and Go Kyung Pyo, who lead the play in conflicting atmospheres, are excellent.They are actors with strong acting skills who show different colors in each work, but in this work, it feels like they have broken even the mold they had. The narratives of the two overlap as soon as they realize that each other's perspectives are connected. Dong Soo, who has been feeling lonely because of his existence is different from others, plays the role of connecting the two with the song he sang while playing the guitar.

About the story:

As the story unfolds, the relationship between Dong Soo and Jin Seop gets more and more intertwined, and the role of Choi Rang (Kim Hye Jun), an unknown figure who helps Dong Soo, and Detective Choi (Kim Roe Ha), who pursues the real culprit in the serial murder case, gets bigger. It makes me wonder how it will end. However, since the method of conveying science fiction-like settings such as new people and visual synchronization to viewers is direct, it sometimes cuts off the sense of nervousness in grasping the situation.

The main characters:

The development in which Dong Soo finds out that the person who received his eyes transplant is a serial killer and recklessly pursues Jin Seop, saying that he will stop the murder, is also a bit sudden. When he shows more intense emotions in playing the role of a 'hero' than in getting his eyes back, We think he needs to have the appropriate motivation.

Jung Hae In’s acting skills come through as a troubled person who has struggled with coming to terms with his body that heals itself and the supposed ‘monster’ that lives in him. Go Kyung Pyo as Jin Seop has already shown a lot of improvement. 


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