From Crash Landing On You to Boys Over Flowers: We list down our top 5 favourite K-drama intro songs

Updated on Apr 16, 2021 03:54 PM IST  |  715.4K
Crash Landing On You's intro theme song is sung by Sigriswil
From Crash Landing On You to Boys Over Flowers: We list down our top 5 favourite K-drama intro songs

K-dramas are amazing but K-drama opening theme songs are superior! Kim Bum and Ryu Hye Young's latest drama, Law School's opening theme reminded me of how much I love K-drama opening theme songs, as much as I love the drama itself. The opening theme song titled, It's Driving Me Crazy is a cry for help but also a call for justice. One of the coolest and badass theme songs I have heard in a K-drama in a while. K-drama theme songs have a separate fanbase and we list down five of our favourite K-dramas with the coolest opening theme songs. 

1. Crash Landing On You


The theme song by Sigriswil is hauntingly beautiful. It is one of the unskippable intros of K-drama. The theme song features the parallel of different lifestyles between Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin. It is definitely a fan favourite.

2. Boys Over Flowers


A whole K-drama anthem! Boys Over Flowers is iconic and the opening theme song 'Almost Paradise' by T-Max is more iconic. Fans have declared the theme song as one of the best opening songs of all time. 

3. Lovestruck in the City


A charming and refreshing tune to a hip urbane rom-com, Lovestruck in the City's opening theme song is stunning. The series is very Reminiscent of American sitcoms and the 'Will they Won't they' romance premise will resonate with fans worldwide.

4. Mr Sunshine


The opening theme song is dark and complex, much like the drama. The violin sound is dramatic, yet beautiful. It is aesthetically shot and makes the drama intro stand out! Do pay attention to the opening intro song the next time you watch the drama.

5. My Love From The Star


A fairytale-esque opening song just like the drama itself. My Love From The Star's opening theme song is magical, much like the drama. A must watch the next time you revisit the drama.

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