Crash Landing On You star Son Ye Jin overwhelmed by numerous cakes and flowers received on birthday

Son Ye Jin celebrated her 39th birthday recently. The Crash Landing On You actress revealed she received many cakes, gifts and more!
Crash Landing On You star Son Ye Jin overwhelmed by numerous cakes and flowers received on birthday
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K-drama across the globe came together (digitally) to shower Son Ye Jin with love as she celebrated her birthday. The Crash Landing On You star turned 39 on January 11. Along with her birthday, Son Ye Jin also completed 20 years in the industry. Days after the celebrations, Son Ye Jin took to Instagram and revealed she received several cakes and bouquets on the occasion. The actress shared photos and videos of the special cakes and the gorgeous flowers that filled up her room. 

She shared the four-part gallery with a note confessing she was feeling overwhelmed with the love she has received. "It’s my first time to receive this much.... so many flowers cakes and presents on my birthday. AH....This is very surprising and touching. And also received big congratulations with my 20th debut celebration," she said, adding that she feels like she might have spent 20 valuable years in the industry. "I can be proud of myself and I can feel I’m such a lucky person. You made me feel this way. I can start the year with your warmth and big cheer so I’m very excited and overwhelmed. How can I share my thankful heart to you guys... I hope this year will be kinder to everyone," she added. 

Check out her post below: 



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A few days before Son Ye Jin's birthday, the actress revealed she is dating her Crash Landing on You co-star Hyun Bin. The actress penned a heartwarming note after reports about her relationship made the headlines. Read it here: Son Ye Jin breaks her SILENCE on her relationship with Hyun Bin: I’m so grateful I met a good person

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Anonymous 1 week ago

How im happy when yejin and hyunbin are finally couple..guys you dont knw hw happy we are...our prayers and thoughs will always be in you..i am your great fans here in philippines you inspured ys much...hopefully both of yoy will last forever...i love binjin....

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I have watched Crash Landing on You so many times. There was something special about it and it touched a deeper level in people. I love Son Ye Gin and she and Hyun Bin were so powerful together. All of the acting was superb. The writing, the music and everything about it is truly unforgettable.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I watch this about twenty times..and what a gift of inspirations they bring to the world..North and South Korea are brothers maybe one day soon they will be together.I hope never communist.They both are beautiful couple..what can i say? I love it!!!!