CRAVITY breaks through in a concept film ahead of new album release

Published on Aug 13, 2021 10:24 PM IST  |  205.3K
CRAVITY concept photo
CRAVITY concept photo : courtesy of Starship Entertainment

Magical! That’s the exact word that comes to us when we think of CRAVITY’s upcoming album and they have gone ahead and given us all the more reason to believe it. In the most recent update for their 1st full-length album, the boy group can be seen taking on a ‘YOUTH’ concept, differing from their previous ‘AWAKE’ and ‘TAKE’ versions. 

In the newly revealed concept film, the boys of CRAVITY have fastened their shoelaces as they smash their way into the hearts of their fans, quite literally. Starting to the sounds of a blaring electric guitar, CRAVITY runs out of an old-looking building, all pouring through with their own charm. The rising tempo of the music in the background only adds to the climatic feeling of the comeback that is set to release soon.

Posing on tiled walls, dressed down in ripped clothes, CRAVITY is breaking through their rookie shell one member at a time. With flames and flashing around them, the darkness only enhanced, the boys look ready for any challenge that awaits them. Watch below.

Concept photos on similar lines were released for the ‘YOUTH’ version highlighting their big reserve of unspent energy. The individual concept images showed a similar rugged look of CRAVITY with heavy boots and chic clothes aiding the theme. Skateboards, chains, caps, and piercings accessorized the tough, youthful look that they were aiming for.

The group concept photos were divided into 2 sets, where the CRAVITY members gazed deeply at the camera in black and white images.

THE AWAKENING: Written in the stars’ will be made available on 19 August.

We are loving this new side of CRAVITY! How about you?

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