Crossing oceans of love: 4 times KDrama eommas expressed their love in the same way as Indian mothers!

Published on May 09, 2021 05:44 PM IST  |  284.1K
Official poster of the classic KDrama Reply 1988
Poster of Park Bo Gum, Lee Hyeri starrer Reply 1988.

While Mother’s Day comes just once a year, moms don’t stop acting like moms even for a single day. Might be bizarre, but it feels like moms around the world have graduated from the same Mom University. Because even when oceans apart, the K-Drama mother characters we’ve seen behave similar to what our Indian mothers are like with us! 


Whether it’s when we fail, or when we pass, create havoc in the house or say no to a particular food she has made, the reactions we see on the shows make us go, ‘Mom! Watch this. She does it the same as you!’. It goes on to show how even if cultures differ, the love that mothers have for their children, don’t. So, in tribute to Mothers' Day, we’re taking a look at some moments from K-Dramas that reminded us of our Indian mothers! 


Ever-lasting conversations & the daily habit of sharing food - Reply 1988


Kim Sun Young, Ra Mi Ran and Lee Il Hwa play the amazingly ordinary mothers in this drama. The moments where they sit around in the evening, gossiping with each other, and sending their children around the block sharing different food every day, they reminded us of the adla-badli that happens in Indian neighbourhoods! In one of the scenes, they step out of the door to call children for dinner. But not normally, no. They yell at the top of their lungs - which was nostalgic to the brim. Ranging out from calling out once, to yelling several times, maybe all moms go through the same training? 


Using a stick as the best beating weapon - Crash Landing on You


Ma Young Ae (Kim Jung Nan) is the Senior Colonel’s wife and top of the social ladder at the North Korean Military Housing. The scenes where she chats up her fellow mothers, bragging about their children are reminiscent of our moms spending time with others either while waiting for our exams to get over or at a PTA meeting, waiting for the teacher to call out our names. In one scene, where her son shows her his bad grades, just after she’s bragged about getting him a highly educated tutor, is hilarious! The scolding she gives him, the way she runs after him and threatens him with a stick - reminds us of the (not so) good old days. 


‘Helping out at home/for home, will prepare you for the future’ - Start Up


Choi Won Deok (Kim Hae Sook) plays the grandmother fulfilling a mother’s role to Seo Dal Mi (Bae Suzy). Giving a young Han Ji Pyeong (Kim Kang Hoon) a roof over his head, nurturing him to an extent, plus taking care of Dal Mi, she is the grandmother every one should get. Especially the moments where she has Dal Mi working with her at the food cart, helping earn some income and even helping out at home, reminds us of the many times our moms tell us to help them out and we reluctantly agree.


Supporting their child by kicking them out – Itaewon Class


Jo Jeong Min (Kim Yeo Jin) is the mother of Jo Yi Seo (Kim Da Mi). She’s a single mom who supports Yi Seo in living her own life. While she does kick her out after some time, she’s always been encouraging of Yi Seo finding her own way in life, thinks about her often, and is definitely proud of what Yi Seo has achieved. She reminds us of the times when Indian moms fight with the very apparent society’s judgements and restrictions, to give their children the best of everything. 


To the ones who scold us but silently pray for us, to the ones who fight with us and with the world, for us, to every single kind of mother who stays irreplaceable, a very Happy Mothers' Day! 


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What are some moments in the K-Drama world that remind you of your mother? And what are you doing to make this day special for them? Let us know in the comments below!