To cry or not to cry: SHINee members post photos with heartfelt captions after sending off Taemin

Updated on May 31, 2021 04:51 PM IST  |  464.8K
SHINee Minho clicking selfie with Taemin while dropping his off for his military enlistment in 2021.

Thirteen years is not a short time. In these 13 years, SHINee’s Taemin has touched, inspired, loved, motivated, and made millions of lives better through his sheer passion and dedication. While the other four SHINee members, leader Onew, Minho and Key, had completed their enlistment, it was now time for Taemin. He gave his fans plenty of gifts, in a bid to not make them miss him. He released a solo album, performed a solo concert, in addition to the multiple content SHINee kept on releasing. 


Today, May 31, 2021, marks SHINee’s Taemin’s first day of military service. The news about his enlistment was announced a month before, with the agency stating that Taemin wanted his location and time of enlistment to be kept private. Taemin is considered one of the top Korean super idols who displayed any and every genre. His aesthetics, sense of movement, artistic and sensuous choreography make him unparalleled to any other K-Pop star. But, it has to now be put on hold for two whole years. 


As the youngest member of SHINee, it is bound to make his hyungs and everyone who has pampered him, feeling heartbroken. But members and fans alike are cheering him on and say that they will wait for him to come back. To show their support and love, each member uploaded a picture with a buzzcut Taemin and wrote some really sweet messages. 


SHINee’s Minho wrote, “I’m always on your side. Taemin, return safely and in good health. I’m always on your side. I support you and love you,” with a cute selfie inside the car, when he went to drop Taemin off. While Key wrote, "Retunr safely (kiwi emoji)"


Check out the other members’ photos and captions below: 







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Taemin’s scheduled to be discharged from the service in November 2022. While we wait for him to come back and take his rightful throne, we wish him the best of health and happiness. 


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