Damages caused due to reshoot of River Where The Moon Rises are “incalculable”

The filming was almost 95% done when actor Ji Soo was removed because of bullying allegations. Even the cast agreed to not receive the pay for re-filming to reduce the cost.
Official poster of River Where The Moon Rises; production house faces a huge financial loss Damages caused due to reshoot of River Where The Moon Rises are “incalculable”
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According to an inside source of the much talked about drama, River Where The Moon Rises, the actors were switched when the filming was done with Ji Soo as the lead actor till episode 18, which meant 95% of the entire drama was completed. The source also claimed that they don’t yet know how many cast members have re0filmed how many episodes and that even they don't know the exact numbers for now. 


News also broke out that a few of the cast members such as Lee Ji Hoon, Choi Yu Hwa Wang Bit Na, and Ki Eun Se said no to pay for their re-filming, in order to minimise the huge financial loss. According to Sports Today, each episode of River Where The Moon Rises is estimated around $885,000 USD (₩1.00 billion KRW). Whereas the entire production costs around $17.7 million USD (₩20.0 billion KRW).


On the other hand, another news report, NoCut News, reported that some smaller actors were worrying about their pay for the re-filming. However, the production company, Victory Contents stated that it has been impossible to keep everything in the loop as the reshoot had to be done on a short notice. It also said that they are trying to organize everything and will figure out the costs as soon as possible. 


The source also expressed his gratitude and respect to Director Yoon Sang Ho, talking about his professionalism and how he has everyone’s trust now. He added that things really got better and helped them navigate out of troubles faster only because of the Director!


River Where The Moon Rises had been involved in a nasty scandal as the lead actor Ji Soo was embroiled in school bullying charges and later accepted them. The show then offered the role of Ondal to Na In Woo - who has started filming and appearing in the episodes already. The fans like the chemistry between the lead couple and the show has been maintaining a steady viewership rating of 8-10%. 


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