Day 6’s Even of Day members have a heart to heart conversation about the new album Right Through Me

Updated on Jun 24, 2021 10:56 AM IST  |  224.5K
Day 6's Even of Day | Photo Courtesy: News1

Day 6’s subunit Even of Day has released another video teaser for their upcoming mini album ‘Right Through Me’. In this different teaser, the three members of the unit sit down to introduce and discuss the new album including the challenges they faced, the process of making it, what they enjoyed and what this album means to them. Dowoon, Young K and Wonpil are seen sitting in a room which seems to have vintage wooden furniture and interior along with candles and plants around to evoke an overall warm mood where they can talk openly. 



Young K begins by saying that usually everything is like a challenge to him and that this album was a really big one because it was something new that they tried out. He emphasized on the newness of the lyrics in particular as it was of a style he has not tried before and was most likely not to have tried out ever if not for this mini album. Wonpil shares that this new work is both a challenge and something exciting. Continuing on the lyrics, he remarks that it is something outside the box that they haven’t done. The album does not have some kind of overarching theme so the three artists had the freedom to talk about what they always wanted to, hence he enjoyed the freedom it brought. Wonpil was genuinely satisfied by the work they have done which brought him joy too. Dowoon talks about how the sound has become bigger or louder to which the other two agree while he says they have to ruminate more upon it to know what to do with the music. The other two ask Dowoon about what the album means to him to which he says that for him an album has always been like a study because he is always learning from each one of it which is why it is challenging. 


Even of Day’s second mini album ‘Right Through Me’ is coming on 5th July, 2021. 


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