Dear BTS: A fan from India calls the group the ‘7 wonders’ of their world

A fan from India pens a sweet letter to BTS.

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Comprising seven members, group BTS debuted in June 2013. On June 10, BTS dropped their highly-anticipated anthology album “Proof’, along with a breathtaking music video for its title track, ‘Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)’. This release comes only three days ahead of the group’s ninth debut anniversary on June 13.

(PLEASE NOTE: This letter was shared on May 7, 2022.)

Today’s sweet letter has been penned by Sahana to BTS. Read the letter, below.

Dear BTS,

Heyyo all!!! I'm SD... Annyeong BTS, hope you all are doing good. Finally, only a month left for your comeback...Woah I'm excited about it. You guys will rock it like always. You did and will do great work in future too. So don't overwork and don't stress out. Stay healthy, take care of yourself because you are my / our strength. 

You're my strength both physically and mentally. In means of physically, I'm a dancer and an artist. I came across your music on YouTube but firstly I fell for your song; I fell for its soulful voices and energetic vibes. It helped my health and fitness and mainly it improved my talents.

And about the lyrics, it made me a mentally strong person. You guys taught me, you made me find a better version of myself. Our motto 'Love Yourself ' i.e., love myself, made me optimistic and confident and I realised the value of myself and how precious love itself is. I'm grateful that I gave my love and support to you. The 7 wonders of my world. Every time I fell for your charms, smile, soulful voices, your love for ARMY, the care for people around you, your songs, dance and more and more. 

You all 7 are precious to me, I'm grateful to you all equally, each member taught me different things that drastically remade my life. 

Joon taught me to be mature by his words, to lead my life and to make wise choices, Jin made me become confident in all situations and to be optimistic. SUGA taught me to be brave and work in silence and let the success speak louder. Hobi made my days brighter, he is the inspiration for me to be a dancer. Jimin taught me there is happiness in everything around us, the comfort in his words every time gave me hope to start over. Taehyung taught me to be myself, his uniqueness made me go unique. Vmin taught me there are soulmates for each other [everyone] and loyal friendship exists in this world. Jungkook taught me to always give my best in everything and [he is] my inspiration in my art world and studies. 

BTS taught me to spread love, how to treat people, how to respect them too. Through BTS I learned to never give up on anything, stand for myself, to love myself.I'm proud of you guys. I feel proud seeing you all growing. I feel fulfilled with Bangtan. 

You are the reason I still keep running and chasing my dream, to become what I wanted to be. I'm proud of myself, who keeps learning and growing every day. You are the reason I smile every day even after going through hard times.

You guys are unique in your ways. So haters gonna hate, players gonna play. Just like that. You are perfect, great. You keep going forward, make and break records. You will be in history. No one can replace you. 

You are ARMY’s universe, my everything, my invaluable gem, the bright shooting star who lights up my life, every day's motivations that I found in this universe. It feels like I'm the luckiest person to find you all in this vast world. 

I never gonna stop loving you. I'll [be] supporting you all in might I could. Seriously I got no idea to leave you. No matter what happens, I, the ARMY will stay at your side till the very end. Idk [if] I will hold your hand and make a promise in real but I'm sure I will hold you all 7 in my heart. That's a forever thing. BTS and ARMY.

This is our bond that can't be put into phrases, but it's an emotion that's mine and its ARMY's, love is eternal.

You all mean a lot to me, my happy pills. When I see your smile my heart feels real happiness, the warmth I craved for. Bangtan is my home, the happiest place. But please promise us you will never leave us, never leave ARMY. We all love you. Promise us we will be forever.

A week of 7 days

I have come for you across the seven seas. 

Running all across the 7 continents

There I stood 

Under the blue sky

In between the purple ocean

Stood in front of 7 stars

Who enlightened me

Unique in their ways

Which is my safe place

If one is left out

There is no rainbow after rain

I found you, my love

If you were bullet

I'm your proof 

Even I'm apart by fate

I'm still alive, with you

My soul loves you

Ever after my 7 births. 

This is my own song/lines dedicated to BTS

As I said this is our forever thing. Together Forever. 

Hope this letter reaches you. Let this universe know our bond. 

A ton of love from me, my friends who cherish you and from an Indian ARMY. BORAHAE <3

From Sahana (SD), India. 

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