Dear Eonni: A 13 year old fan thanks TWICE member aka birthday girl Sana for making her a ONCE

Dear Eonni: TWICE member Sana celebrates her 24th birthday. On the occasion, we feature a sweet fan letter written by 13-year-old Tarunika thanks the birthday girl for being the reason she became a ONCE.
Dear Eonni: A 13 year old fan thanks TWICE member aka birthday girl Sana for making her a ONCE
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Birthday wishes flood the internet as TWICE member Sana celebrates her birthday today. The international singer turns 24 today. While fans show her love and support on social media with their sweet wishes, a fan has penned a letter thanking Sana for handholding her into the ONCE fandom. 13-year-old Tarunika penned the sweet letter, which she also addressed to Jeongyeon and added that she promises to be loyal to the fandom and the K-pop group. Read her complete letter below: 

Dear Eonni

Annyeonghaseyo TWICE!!! I'm Tarunika. I hope you are all doing well especially Sana unnie and Jeongyeon unnie ^^

A year ago I'm just an ordinary girl feeling alone, but when a nine angels came into my life it turned colourful and joyful. Whenever I feel lonely or sad I used to listen "Feel special" because it always gives me positive energy. Because you make me feel special. No matter what people say I smile again cause you are there for me ^^ The first song which made me into once is "CHEER UP" which is really cheerful especially the "shy shy shy" which is the cutest thing ever. Awww Sana unnie thank you so much for making me an "ONCE" because of you I became fan of Twice ^^ 

Twice I promise I'll be loyal once, I couldn't attend your concert because I'm just 13 years old girl, but for sure I'll meet you in future in person as a successful person ^^ I'm really very proud to be an "ONCE" and I'm really proud of you. I love you guys so much......Jinjja saranghae TWICE....





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