Dear Eonni: BLACKPINK fan reveals how she turned into a BLINK at the age of 9 & why Lisa is her bias

In our today's Dear Eonni letter, a BLACKPINK fan recalls the first time she heard a song by the group and expresses her love for Lisa.
Dear Eonni: BLACKPINK fan reveals how she turned into a BLINK at the age of 9 & why Lisa is her bias
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As avid Pinkvilla readers are already aware, we've rolled out a special segment wherein we share open letters from fans to their favourite K-pop and Korean star. While the letters to the men have been shared under the Dear Oppa segment, we recently began Dear Eonni to feature fan letters addressing the stunning female idols and actresses. Today's Dear Eonni letter is addressed to BLACKPINK. A young fan reaches out to the group and reveals her journey to becoming a BLINK. 

Erica B reveals she was just nine years old when BLACKPINK walked into her life. In her letter, she elaborated her love for members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. But she narrows down as to why Lisa is her bias. Read her letter below: 

Hi, I am a Blink. Haha...I might sound a little dramatic but my daily life consists of you (Blackpink). I became a Blink when I was just a 9 year old. The first song I had ever heard of Blackpink was Boombayah and that was way back in 2017 when I first listened to it.

It was truly a masterpiece. I fell in love with Blackpink because of their team-work and their caring towards one another. There is a sense of equality amongst the four of them.

Even though Lisa is a Thai, the members treat her as if she was their own sister. They also possessed some characters which are found lacking on other Korean bands. No offence though.

Despite all the hate comments, they all still manage to stay strong and it's because of Blackpink that I survived.

Their boldness, creativity and confidence moved me. If they weren’t there for me, then I wouldn’t have been able to write this.

I wish that I could prove myself as a true Blink by going to their concerts and by buying their light-stick. I want to sway it with delightness and pride. 

Lisa is one of the strongest person I have ever met. She still manages to plaster a smile on her face even in her hardest days. She came all the way from Thailand to South Korea just to achieve her dream. She is an epitome of greatness and boldness. 

The way she dances and all shows how bold she is. No doubt she is my bias

And Jennie, too, is someone I adored. She possesses the characters of a leader. She is as firm as a rock. And what more could I say than ‘I love you’ to her. Meeting her is my dream which is yet to achieve.

I love y’all very much and meeting you all is my dream. This is the only thing I dream of and I am sure I will be able to achieve it.

Call me ‘mad’ or anything you want to call me, but my love for Blackpink stand strong like a rock and I will brave the storm.

With Love, 

Erica B.

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Disclaimer: This is user-generated content. The views and opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author.

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Anonymous 3 months ago

Lisa you are not only very beautiful i have seen in your episodes that you and jisoo always make blackpink laugh i am blink and will stay forever this letter is for lisa and blackpink members i want to meet you but I can't i live in india pls come to India please.

Anonymous 3 months ago

U r so cute.Lisa is my love too.She's the best girl.

Anonymous 3 months ago

Thanks. This means a lot to me.

Anonymous 3 months ago


Anonymous 3 months ago

Thanks for all this. Words can't express how happy and excited I am.