Dear Eonni: A BLACKPINK fan says birthday girl Jisoo to reveal how the Snowdrop star changed her perception

Updated on Jan 04, 2021 01:44 PM IST  |  2.2M
A BLACKPINK fan reaches out to birthday girl Jisoo
Dear Eonni: A BLACKPINK fan says birthday girl Jisoo to reveal how the Snowdrop star changed her perception

BLINKS all over are celebrating BLACKPINK member Jisoo's birthday. The singer turns 26 today, January 3, and the fandom is penning the sweetest of messages to celebrate the occasion. This year is extra special for Jisoo for she is preparing for her K-drama debut. The singer stars as the lead in the upcoming drama Snowdrop. As fans show her love and support, a fan from India reached out to the birthday girl and revealed how Jisoo changed the way she saw life. 

Read her letter below: 

Dear Jisoo Unnie,

I'm your big fan from India. I don't know if you'll read this but I want you to know how beautifully you've made a special place in my heart and life. I like many other k-pop artists, but you have are unique and special to me. Back in 2018, when I didn't know much about k-pop, I saw Ddu-du-ddu-du music video and I knew I'm in love with the group and especially you. You always have a unique way of doing things, instead of saying anneyeong (hello in Korean), you say nyoung-an! Your helium song is still iconic and your other songs too. I love to see you smile and laugh, I often search for photos of you laughing and smiling. 

Not only are you beautiful and cute, but also wise. I remember when you said, "ghosts aren't scary, people think them that way. It's fine you see a ghost, just pass by". Your sayings always help to make me a better person. You changed my view of life when you said, "life is not easy, there are so many crossroads... that's our life". After you said this, I realised that we uselessly try to run away from difficulties, but we should endure it.

You are and will have a big and special place in my heart. Unnie, I hope you are always positive and happy in your life as you are now. I wish you complete your first drama in lead position 'Snowdrop' successfully. I'll end this letter now by thanking Pinkvilla for such an amazing opportunity for us fans to show our love for Korean artists.

Mani mani saranghae 

Jisoo Unnie


From India

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Anonymous : jisoo you are such a beautiful angel that always manages to bring a smile on our faces .we hope that you complete your first k-drama successfully i am really excited for snowdrop..always be happy and positive....FIGHTING JISOO!! FIGHTING BLACKPINK!! love from India
REPLY 5 9 months ago
Anonymous : Here since I seen you and your group 5 months ago you got me hooked
REPLY 7 9 months ago
Anonymous : My comment is happy after birthday and happy birthday to you.jisoo and I hope you a lot more and I love you you're the greatest friend and fan
REPLY 4 9 months ago
Anonymous : Happy birthday unnie jisoo, I hope you had a great day om your birthday and I wished you to be safe and healthy.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEAUTIFUL VISUALS IN BLACKPINK JISOO
REPLY 5 9 months ago
Anonymous : Happy Birthday to jioo
REPLY 3 9 months ago
Anonymous : Brush doesn't even know how to write unni but you write was eooni hahahahaha well india you lose
REPLY 4 9 months ago
Anonymous : Why u gotta be so toxic man? And don't talk about my country if u don't hav anything nice to say :/
REPLY 10 9 months ago
Anonymous : 언니 = (eonni) | females speaking to older females) Zip your mouth bish
REPLY 3 9 months ago
Anonymous : 언니 = (eonni) | females speaking to older females) Sht ur mouth bish
REPLY 11 9 months ago
Anonymous : Plot twist~ u are just here for attention. Lmao
REPLY 9 9 months ago
Anonymous : We Indian blinks always love you Jisoo❤
REPLY 12 9 months ago
Anonymous : Uhhhhhh; this is such a beautiful letter from you , you know what jisoo teached me too that life is not easy , she kind of make me confident when I see her face, she always know how to draw a smile on your face she is awsome and nice I ♥ her , wish you you a happy birthday, hope so she reads this lovely letter you wrote
REPLY 11 9 months ago