Dear Eonni: A BLINK from India reveals how BLACKPINK are the reason for her keen interest in Korean culture

In the latest edition of Dear Eonni, Nishthajita from India dedicates her heartwarming letter to BLACKPINK. Read her letter below.
Dear Eonni: A BLINK from India reveals how BLACKPINK are the reason for her keen interest in Korean culture
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BLACKPINK and BLINKS' bond is something truly admirable to witness for everyone. The beloved South Korean girl group, who debuted in 2016, have a strong fan following not just locally but across the globe as well. Moreover, thanks to their addictive music as well as the members' charming personalities, we completely understand why the quartet is as loved as they are by BLINKS.

Today's sweet letter from our Dear Eonni series has been penned by Nishthajita from India to BLACKPINK. Read her letter below:

Hello! I'm a Blink and it's been only 1 year of becoming a Blink, And I don't know how to express, my feelings I'm Just in LOVE WITH BLACKPINK I never get bored listening to their songs, And BLACKPINK was the first K-pop girl Group by which I got to know about Kpop, Korean cultures and I want to say that I LOVE LOVE ONLY AND ONLY I LOVE BLACKPINK, when I first viewed the BOOMBAYAH MV they caught my eyes...!!  and I just love Jennie eonni, her Unique voice, her rapping skills and at first I wasn't interested in singing songs, but when I heard BLACKPINK'S songs I started singing even tho I don't know Korean but I just listen to them and I see lyrics video and I started covering their songs.... And I love rapping a lot; Jennie Eonni is my inspiration, my Idol... Because of Blackpink I started learning Korean having a lot of interest on Korean cultures, music and all.....

I just have a dream to meet Blackpink and talk to them I want to get some suggestions from my Lisa Eonni about dancing, And some suggestions of vocaling from my Rosé and Jisoo Eonni....and Both rapping, and vocaling suggestions from Jennie Eonni... Cuz of them only I want to visit South Korea..... And I hope so I'll meet them one day....

And I really like Jennie eonni's Childish behavior, and I really love her Badass attitude too....!!!! Her vocals and raps are Soo amazing, just unexpressable; I can't express My Love towards BLACKPINK.....and I swear I was a BLINK, I am a BLINK, and I WILL BE Also.....

Lisa Eonni's dancing skills are always on fire!!! Her rapping, vocaling skills are just awesome her behavior is sweet, and on stage she is always a badass Idol....; and Jisoo Eonni her cuteness and her deep voice is just awesome!!! I have heard her rapping too And that's superb!!!! She is like the mother of the group she has a very nurturing nature but not only JISOO Eonni all the members are nurturing, kind...!! Rosé Eonni's angelic voice is everything.  !!!!! She looks cute, pretty in every haircolor, Rosie Eonni have a Unique Angelic Charm!!! And I love her!

So as a 13 years old Blink I just want to say I Love Them!!!!
They are my everything they are my best Unnies !!!!!

By writing this letter I don't think so I'm able to express my love towards them but still they are always in my heart

I hope if BLACKPINK will read this letter my life will be blessed


I love BLACKPINK and I SUPPORT them, I RESPECT them.... Always!!!
Blackpink have haters too but, I want to say don't care about their hating towards you'll and as we know if we have supporters we have haters too and I Know Blackpink will always stay strong!!!
Because you'll have Many True Blinks who will always love you'll forever....!!

With love, care and support

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Disclaimer: This is user-generated content. The views and opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author.

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Blink is my favourite girl group♕︎

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Blackpink and bts are awesome group

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Hey what do u mean by ewww girl?

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eww blink?

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U have no rights to say it eww

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What do you mean by eww?