Dear Eonni: A BLINK living in Saudi Arabia reveals how BLACKPINK motivated her a lot during her hard times

In the latest edition of Dear Eonni, Aisha, who is from India and currently lives in Saudi Arabia, dedicates her sweet letter to BLACKPINK gushing about how she will always be there to support the popular girl group as a BLINK.
Dear Eonni: A BLINK living in Saudi Arabia reveals how BLACKPINK motivated her a lot during her hard times
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The love shared between BLACKPINK and BLINKS is truly such a delight to witness as the loyal fandom has been there with their favourite girl group through all the highs and especially the lows as well. Rosé, Jennie, Jisoo and Lisa enjoy a lot of love and attention from BLINKS and with due credit as BLACKPINK have truly reigned supreme in their path to global dominance.

In today's Dear Eonni series, Aisha from India who currently lives in Saudi Arabia pens a heartwarming letter dedicated to BLACKPINK. In her letter, Aisha shares a special message for each member of the popular quartet. Read her letter below:


My name is Aisha and I am from Hyderabad (India) but currently lives in Saudi Arabia (Jubail),14 yrs old. I am a big fan of Blackpink. (Blink). U guys motivated me a lot in my hard times. I may have never been able to attend your concerts, buy ur merch etc but u guys are always there in my heart.

Rose eunnie u are my favourite, I love ur voice, it really soothes me up when I am sad. Thx for making me always feel happy. Jisoo eunnie, ur visuals are beautiful but ur voice is more, how I wish u were my big sister. Jennie eunnie u have a lot of haters, but u have more fans than them don't get sad and get well soon. Lisa unnie ur dance is incredible. I love the way u dance and really have a wish that u would one day become my dance teacher.

Blackpink u have always done great, keep doing and i am always there to support you, even though u cant read this letter.

Sarengheo eunnies,

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Anonymous 1 month ago

Hi Black pink, l am your biggest fan. L really love the way you guys dance and sing. Your voices are like for Angles. L admire you guys so u all.

Anonymous 1 month ago

Same. I'm from india(Hyderabad) AND EVERYTIME BLACKPINK helps me... 3itg sadness

Anonymous 1 month ago

Me too

Anonymous 1 month ago


Anonymous 1 month ago

l got lisa