Dear Eonni: A BLINK from the Philippines says anti fans makes her a bigger fan of BLACKPINK member Jennie

In the latest edition of Dear Eonni, Werlin Calinawagan from the Philippines dedicates her sweet letter to BLACKPINK’s Jennie. Read her letter below.
Dear Eonni: A BLINK from the Philippines says anti Dear Eonni: A BLINK from the Philippines says anti fans makes her a bigger fan of BLACKPINK member Jenniefans makes her a bigger fan of BLACKPINK member Jennie
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There’s no doubt that BLACKPINK is the K-pop industry’s biggest and most influential girl group of all time. So, it’s only fair that many BLINKs around the world gain courage and admire the girls for who they are while also knowing how to deal with the haters! When we talk about BLACKPINK member Jennie, the rapper and singer recently kickstarted her own YouTube channel named Jennierubyjane Official on the occasion of her 25th birthday.

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Eonni series has been penned by Werlin Calinawagan from the Philippines to Jennie. Read her letter below:

Jennie, I am older than you for about 2 years and I am already a Physics teacher in a university here in the Philippines. I was never been a die-hard fan of kpop but unexpectedly you pulled me into this world. I'd accidentally stumbled to a fan made video that explain why you're considered as a villain of kpop. I got curious and interested until such times that I got addicted watching your videos. At that instant I became a Blink and a Jennie fan. The struggles and hardships you went through were insurmountable for an ordinary person but you are different and admirable. I love you not only because you're a multi-talented person and famous but mainly because you are you. Surely you care about your image as an idol but you are genuine and brave to the point that you're misunderstood by others. You're really, really brave to show your emotions, feelings and weaknesses despite knowing that it could ruin your image. And I love you for that. I love how quick-witted you are, how logical and smart you are during interviews, games and variety shows. I can't explain this but the more you receive backlashes and hates, the more I get to admire you. For me, you're the rarest gem in kpop for being perfectly imperfect.

My only wish is that no matter what path you'll be trudging someday, you will find someone who will love you and is willing to fight for you on and off cam. I wish that someday, somewhere, others will fight for you instead of you fighting for them. Take care, Nini. 
Sincerely yours, Werlin Calinawagan of Philippines.

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