Dear Eonni: A BLINK from South Africa admired BLACKPINK’s strong bond; says the songs always make her smile

In the latest edition of Dear Eonni, Denise K from South Africa dedicates the sweet letter to BLACKPINK. Read her letter below.
BLACKPINK performing at a music show Dear Eonni: A BLINK from South Africa admired BLACKPINK’s strong bond; says the songs always make her smile
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One of the biggest girl groups in K-Pop, BLACKPINK already had many international fans. But what made them soar higher were their collabs with Western artists. The recent collaboration ‘Ice Cream’ with Selena Gomez brought forward a huge group of fans who started discovering BLACKPINK’s songs too. This wasn’t the first or the most powerful collaboration though. They’ve also collaborated with Dua Lipa for ‘Kiss and Make Up’ and Lady Gaga for ‘Sour Candy’ too! 


Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Eonni series has been penned by Denise K from South Africa to BLACKPINK. Read her letter below.



Hello, my name is Denise K. I'm 17 and a major music fan. I first heard Kiss and Make Up on the radio (2018) and instantly took liking to it. I had to do more research on BLACKPINK and i am now a BLINK. All i want to say is that your music is great , it inspires me and it always seems to make me happy when i feel down. 


I am an artist and when i draw i always listen to music. So i always play a BLACKPINK song and it just sets the mood and yes of course i had to draw portraits of you guys too.You all are amazing and hard working, you have strong bonds of friendship and i admire that.


I'm from South Africa and there are many BLINKs here but there also many people who don't like kpop just because they don't understand the language but i love it as i believe that music is music no matter what the language is. BLACKPINK, your songs always put a smile on my face , you are best! 


Denise K

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