Dear Eonni: A fan from India deems K pop singer Chungha her 'queen'; Asks her to take care of her health

Dear Eonni: A fan from India reaches out to K-pop singer Chungha and gushes about her. She deems her a "queen."
Dear Eonni: A fan from India deems K pop singer Chungha her 'queen'; Asks her to take care of her health
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Korean pop singer Chunga was in the headlines last year after she tested positive for COVID-19. While fans prayed for her speedy recovery, now a fan has reached out to the singer and showered her with love. A fan named Aditi Sh from Himachal Pradesh, in India, has penned a letter revealing that she has supported her and members of IOI when the group was together. She reveals how Chungha became her bias and confesses that Chungha has never disappointed since her solo debut. Read her complete letter below: 

Dear Eonni,

'Always believe in yourself and give your 100% in everything because no one knows when fate changes' - Kim Chungha. Following the same I am writing this letter with all dedication to my KILLER QUEEN, hoping if it ever gets featured, one day she might come across this letter ^^. This would be such a big moment for me and other fans like me in India specifically.

I am 'Aditi Sh.' from Himachal, India who if ever could, for once want to hug Chungha tightly and tell her how much she means to me. To begin with, I was a strong supporter of IOI from the time of their formation till the sad news of the disbanding, but further news of comeback makes my heart peaceful. To me, my 11 girls were one soul when they performed on stage and the bonding they shared was so touching. There were times when I used to envy them because they were so supportive, caring and respectful towards each other. (Why didn't I meet someone like them.)

For me that one person which drew my attention from the very start and became my bias in the group was KIM CHUNGHA. With time I fell in love and got totally obsessed with her. I am a proud Byulharang, I love Chungha not only because of her extraordinary talent (Dancing machine as I would rightly call her) but what she is as a person. The relationship she holds with her fans is unreal, even sometimes I get so overwhelmed when I see her standing up for us, cheering us (to fight this pandemic positively together) and even replying to our messages, making us feel we are special to her. 

Ever since her solo she never disappointed me and worked really hard to entertain byulharangs in the best possible ways. The recent news of her getting tested positive for the coronavirus broke my heart but the emotional post by Chungha later made me so much better too. That thoughtful message was addressed to Byulharangs as

Byulharangs, I'm writing because you might be worrying too much if you don't hear anything from me

I'm so sorry 

I tried my best to stay safe 

I guess that wasn't enough 

I just got the results back so it was also a surprise to me 

I promise I'll come back promoting with my healthy self! 

Byulharangs, please be careful and stay safe! 

Don't worry about me too much and let's meet soon!!<3<3 

I'm sorry once again"

It was after this day that my love and respect for 'my Queen' increased to infinity. Isn't she just toooooooo perfect?? at least in my eyes YES. Not only is she effortlessly funny, talented store-house, respectful, caring but an Eooni to me in real sense. No kidding, if I ever wanted a sister I would want her to be like you. The small things you do for byulharangs is what makes me fall in love with you each time.

I will be a forever passionate supporter of yours Chunga and I pray we grow and move forward to reach greater heights together in future. Please don't make us worry and take good care of your health always. Byulharangs got your back as we got yours

I don't feel like ending this letter cuz I can't get enough of  'MY QUEEN'- Chungha. 

Till there is music, there will be CHUNGHA  for me.


Nomu saranghae Chungha 

Aditi Sh. (Byulharang for life)

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Disclaimer: This is user-generated content. The views and opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author.

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Anonymous 2 months ago

Woah I can't believe today is the day when I discovered this segment but never too late. Anyways, gurr the letter was so relatable and that's on periodt.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Where can I check all the dear oppa letters?? Actually I also sent one.. So I wanted to see if my one was posted.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Why would you even say that??? Stop bruu.

Anonymous 2 months ago

You need to find yours in the korean section and scroll through. Moreover, acc. to my experience i would tell ya that their editorial team gets plenty of fan letters so they filter only few to post based on the desired content. I hope ur letter gets featured soon.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Keep dreaming