Dear Eonni: A fan from India hopes BLACKPINK member Lisa will show BLINKS her 'vulnerable side' too

Updated on Jul 03, 2021 11:43 PM IST  |  225.5K
Ojaswini from India "couldn't believe" Lisa's "duality" after seeing the BLACKPINK member rap.

BLACKPINK member Lisa's charismatic duality as a bonafide rapper and an extremely talented dancer has managed to sweep millions and millions of BLINKS off their feet. To say that the 24-year-old is flawless would be an understatement! Hence, it comes as no surprise why so many are eagerly awaiting Lisa's solo debut while she continues to slay as a BLACKPINK member.

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Eonni series has been penned by Ojaswini from India to Lisa. Read her letter below:

Dear Eonni Lisa,

First of all, I love you and other Pinks a lot! I became BLINK in 2017 and I can promise you that I will always love you all equally. I was always into K-pop but you made me fall in love with the genre and introduced many to K-pop and we all thank you for that. My first BLACKPINK song was "As If It's Your Last" and I saw you Lisa and went like "Oh my god she is soooo freakin cute." Then I saw you rap and couldn't believe your duality! Lisa, you are so kind and always try to cheer up others so as a BLINK, I really hope you stay happy and healthy! Lisa, you always show us that pretty smile but I know as a human at times you must get sad too, so I hope you feel comfortable with sharing your difficulties and problems with us BLINKS and show us your vulnerable side too... We promise you that we will make you the happiest person in the world and we will always be there for you no matter what! Your songs makes me feel strong and I can't thank you enough for that! You are bringing smiles on the faces of millions of people all around the world and you should be REALLY proud of yourself! I hope you come to India really soon cause I can't wait to sing along with you four really talented and beautiful ladies (I know I will be singing lyrics wrong but feelings count, right?) and be part of that beautiful pink ocean! We Indian BLINKS will make sure to make your visit memorable and will shower you with so much love that you would never wanna leave! If one person will try to kick you down, millions of BLINKS will be there to lift you up so don't ever think you are alone! Don't mind haters.. they are just jealous cause they are not you! I really love all the members A LOT! Our Mandu Jennie Eonni is so cute and badass at the same time and her solo was pure gold... I really love to see her smile, Turtle Rabbit Jisoo Eonni is next level savage, has an amazing personality, is freaking beautiful, is an amazing actress and her voice is just WOW.... basically there's nothing she can't do and last but not the least... the voice of our Chipmunk Rosé Eonni is sooo heavenly and I think I can just listen to her sing the whole day and she is just so nice and kind.... She can make anyone fall in love with her with just her NOOORr and I'm head over heels for Roséchella! I hope you read this and feel loved cause you really are LOVED! Words can't express what you all mean to us BLINKS but I tried my best! Hope I get to see you soon! Bye.

Saranghae Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo and Rosie Eonni,

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