Dear Eonni: A fan from India is so mesmerised by IU's talent that she wonders if the Eight singer is even real

In the latest edition of Dear Eonni, Aishwarjyaa Borgohain from India pens a heartwarming letter to IU gushing about how brave and strong the Dream star is.
Dear Eonni: A fan from India is so mesmerised by IU's talent that she wonders if the Eight singer is even real
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IU aka Lee Ji-eun is truly amongst those once in a lifetime artists who are at their A-game both as a talented singer and actress. Whether it be swooning over her sassy performance in Hotel del Luna with Jang Man-wol being our ultimate spirit animal or feeling melancholic about our youth with her song Eight, which was an epic collaboration with BTS member Suga, you can't help but fall in love with the 27-year-old singer and actress.

Today's sweet letter in the Dear Eonni series has been written to IU by Aishwarjyaa Borgohain from India. In her letter, Aishwarjyaa expresses how she has great respect for IU and that she's anticipating for the release of the actress' next film Dream in 2021. Read her letter below:

To, dear IU

Hello, eonni! I'm kind of nervous since this is the first time writing a letter to my favorite idol. And I don't know if this little letter I wrote to you will ever reach you. The first time I fell in love with you was in the drama DREAM HIGH! I found you so cute! And ever since, I had great respect to you! I listened to every songs, dramas, film of yours, and I'm greatly anticipating on your upcoming new film DREAM in 2021.

When I listen to your songs, they give me an unexpected comfort! Your songs make me fall asleep at night. I'm so mesmerized at your talent that I wonder if you are even real! HAHA! ^^ You are one brave and a strong girl I've ever seen. Your way of living life seems so cool to me. And I've heard you said that you have a problem sleeping at night. Eonni, all I can do is support and shower you with all my love. But I hope you get well soon and stay healthy and also safe from the corona. I'll make sure to come find you and meet you after my high school graduation!

Aishwarjyaa Borgohain (17), India

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