Dear Eonni: An ardent fan thanks Park Bo Young for breaking stereotypes and helping her accept her true self

In the latest edition of Dear Eonni, an ardent fan dedicates her sweet letter to Strong Girl Do Bong Soon’s Park bo Young. Read her letter below.
Popular Korean actress Park Bo Young of Strong Girl Do Bong Soon c Dear Eonni: An ardent fan thanks Park Bo Young for breaking stereotypes and helping her accept her true self
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The Oh My Ghost actress, Park Bo Young, is slowly becoming one of the most popular faces of Korean dramas. She was even nominated in the 39th Blue Dragon Film Awards as Best Actress for her role in the hit film, On Your Wedding Day. Her 2017 drama, Strong Girl Do Bong-soon is arguably one of her most memorable roles in her entire career. In the show, she plays a woman who has superhuman strength - the whole show is a rollercoaster ride of humor, romance and breaking stereotypes (in almost every episode).


Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Eonni series has been penned by an avid fan to Park Bo Young. Read her letter below:



Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young)


Being an ardent fan, I have seen many of your works. The most popular one being Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Seeing you imitate that character was an eye-opener for me and many other girls. We were all so insecure about how we would be perceived by the society we let all our ambitions and the power we held. We tried to be more feminine when we were fully able to pick up a chair, asked for help. You helped me to finally accept me that I am not that all feminine and can work my way around things in my daily life.

 Acceptance and the fear of what people would say when I was my normal self was self loved and created by your character for me. I wish to have a friend like you who would be able to show me the right path in some decisions which I would normally destroy in my way. You took care of all the people you loved and made sure no harm was to come them. You were a modern-day feminist who helped the women in your nation to be free of those specific people who objectify women into someone who is supposed to be slim.

Women are something more than this and when you found the right person who was able to help you to eradicate that from society it left me very delighted. You left feelings and moved on from the one crush you had all your life. It showed how satisfied you were with everything that was in your life but you never forgot your best friend. These are humble gestures that proved a piece of great advice to me as a person who was watching the drama and turned it into the favourite one I have ever seen in my life.


Lastly, your dress sense has my mind blown up, I believe no one can pull off the cute sweaters and tops you handled so well.

Thank you for the help in my life while I was goi through a hard time.

P. S.

I did end my letter with fangirl behaviour.


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