Dear Eonni: A fan says Nunu Nana rapper Jessi keeps on 'breaking stereotypes & moving forward like an empress'

Updated on Jul 31, 2021 09:12 PM IST  |  198.4K
A Jessi fan reveals they "started to learn rapping" after watching her and BTS.

Nunu Nana-ing her way into our hearts is the fearlessly fierce Korean American rapper, Jessi! While the 32-year-old musician has been in the K-pop scene for quite some time now, it was her association with Psy's thriving record label P Nation that enabled Jessi to shine bright in the truest sense. It's also her unabashed witty humour in variety shows as well as hilarious interviewing skills in Showterview with Jessi that makes the What Type of X rapper a multitalented artist that you love to love.

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Eonni series has been penned by a fan to Jessi. Read their letter below:

Dear Jessi ma'am, 안녕하십니까!

First of all, how are you? I hope everything's great!

I'm writing this letter to tell you that I'm a huuuuuuuuuuge fan of yours. Your style, your voice, everything that's related to you, is just amazing! Each of your songs are just fabulous! My current favourite is 'Nunu Nana'. I hope more hits will come in the future.

You keep on breaking stereotypes and moving forward like an empress. You are really an outspoken person and never backs down. I love how inspiring you are. You are one of the people, I admire so much. You are a whole vibe in itself. After watching you and BTS, I started to learn rapping, though I still suck at it. But I will keep on the hardwork just like you. If ever possible I want to be a trainee under you!

Much love from this fan to the strong empress.

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