Dear Eonni: A fanboy from India reveals how he fell head over heels for TWICE; Calls Sana cute & sexy

Dear Eonni: In today's edition, we received a letter from a ONCE who couldn't stop gushing about each member of TWICE.
Dear Eonni: A fanboy from India reveals how he fell head over heels for TWICE; Calls Sana cute & sexy
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The pandemic might have forced the world to stay indoors. However, it led to numerous people crossing paths with K-pop. A number of music lovers found themselves streaming K-pop songs and pledging their allegiance to a particular group. One such example is a 23-year-old Fazil Ahmed from India, who revealed he became a fan of the group TWICE. The fan reveals his journey of becoming a part of the ONCE fandom and gushed about each Noona from the group. Read his letter below: 


I am Fazil Ahmed of 23 from India. It all begins at the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown in the world... Yes at the time of May I became a fan of Kpop Idols... Yes, I am none other than one of the ONCE... I fall for the cuteness(aegyo) of TWICE... Aah what can I say, no one will escape from their cuteness and for their VOCALS. First of all I begin with the Goddess young (maknae) member of the group Tzuyu, the first time I saw her in the ISAC Archery competition via YouTube, the flip of her hair while archery competition I fell for her.... WOW..... Then following her, I searched many videos of her, then I saw a combined video of Tzuyu and Chaeyoung, the cuteness queen, where they both made a video of PPAP in Weekly Idol. 

Then the next member is our perfect dubu Dahyun (the camera hunter), Her love towards the other member is infinity, that's why she is perfect. Then the next member is the beauty queen Minari Mina. She is the beauty and the genius among the group, though she is silent her playful behavior and cuteness is lethal compared to others. Next is none other than goddess Jihyo (the leader) she knows everything about their members, though her position is so tough she is the softest person among them. Then following her cute and sexy Sana. 

My Instagram bio contains the slogan 'No Sana No Life' not only for her cuteness, she is the one who makes the other TWICE member happy and makes them smile and also her clumsiness made her even more cutest. The next member sleepy Momo the dancer I have seen in the entertainment world, I wanna ask Momo something, how can you eat a lot and maintain yourself?

The person I miss a lot nowadays is none other than Jeongyeon, I don't know what happened to you, please recover soon, TWICE is incomplete without you, seeing other members performing without you hurts a lot. The final member our fake makknae or unnie of the group Nayeon bunny, her cute little bunny teeth are the attractive one and her aegyo in Running man woooowww, she is the mom of the group. 

The only request from me, though the day passes, though the month pass, though the year pass, DON'T STOP SHOWING YOUR CUTENESS, THAT'S THE SYMBOL OF TWICE and don't lose Hope we are there to support you. Stay awesome, Stay safe, Stay cute. I will try to meet you guys in the next fan meet, though this year is full of surprises I hope the next upcoming year will be good for everyone. 

Your Neverending loving ONCE......

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Disclaimer: This is user-generated content. The views and opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author.

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