Dear Eonni: A Filipino UAENA respects Lilac singer IU as a lyricist because her songs are 'active and awake'

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Dear Eonni: A Filipino UAENA respects Lilac singer IU as a lyricist because her songs are 'active and awake'

IU aka Lee Ji Eun has time and again proved her mettle as both a talented musician and a bonafide actress. If her latest album Lilac's release is any inclination, there really is no stopping the 27-year-old singer and actress' dominance over millions and millions of UAENA. The fandom is also majorly intrigued to watch Ji Eun in the highly-awaited movie Dream opposite Park Seo Joon.

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Eonni series has been penned by Quennie Joyce Gula from the Philippines to IU. Read her letter below:

Dear IU-ssi,

I have been your fan since Dream High days and it has been a wonderful journey watching you evolve and supporting you earnestly. I remember after watching Dream High, I got IU's laughter syndrome for many months, of just watching your laughter compilations one after another. I felt happy just by watching you be happy.

Recently, I watched your interview where your dong-saeng was your interviewer. It hit me when you said that being happy has become different as you have gotten older. That now, being happy is not necessarily presented with the happy, smiling face people are used to see. Being happy now for you is when nothing [troublesome] is happening. I wonder what depth of experiences have you gone through for you to define happiness that way. I completely resonate when your brother asked, "Is she really happy living like that?" Along with UAENAs in the world, I sincerely wish you happiness.

I have noticed how your perspectives on many things have gotten deeper, somehow complex, yet essentially simple. I could not describe it perfectly in words, but listening to you gives me that impression and makes me think and reflect further. I'd say you have a deep mind. That is why I respect you so much as a lyricist because your songs take me to that unique experience where my mind and senses come alive and working. They don't work at times. Hahaha. But with your songs and your work, they are active and awake. You have that effect on me.

Your performance in Hotel del Luna was so powerful and convincing. Even though Jang Man Weol was a complex and difficult character to understand and empathize with, sometimes scary, you portrayed her in a way that I somehow identified with the character and understood her. In the end, you made me love her unconditionally and root for her.

You have a lot of talents and skills that you could be proud of, but in one of your interviews, when you were asked, "What is the thing that you are best at, that no one can beat you at?" You answered, "It is the way I love my fans." I really think that you were cool. I respected you ever since as an artist, but at that moment, I respected you as a person.

Quennie Joyce Gula

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