Dear Eonni: An Indian BLACKPINK fan reveals Lisa is her world; Says becoming a BLINK was the best decision

Updated on Jan 14, 2021 04:53 AM IST  |  1.7M
Dear Eonni: An Indian BLACKPINK fan reveals Lisa is her world; Says becoming a BLINK was the best decision
Dear Eonni: An Indian BLACKPINK fan reveals Lisa is her world; Says becoming a BLINK was the best decision

We love that the Dear Eonni series has become a platform where fans can feel safe to confess the smallest of emotion towards their idols. Be it a simple message of love or expressing their gratitude towards the group for changing their lives, our hearts fill up when these beautiful letters make their way to our inboxes. One such mail has been written by a fan in India, addressing to BLACKPINK member Lisa. Sweety recalls her first encounter with the K-pop girl group before she expresses her admiration towards the member. 

Read her letter below: 

Dear eonni,

I am Sweety, an 18-year-old INDIAN BLINK.I love BLACKPINK'S all the members so much. But I love LISA eonni a little bit more !. And also she was the first one I impressed by. Even though if they come to India for a concert my parents will not allow me to go and unfortunately, I live far away from Mumbai. But I want to say something to LISA eonni and express the love I have for her even though it's not possible to express it in some words. I know maybe my letter will never reach her and she might never know of my existence but I just want to express my feelings.

Six months ago, I didn't know about the existence of 'BLACKPINK'. But I know about the 'K-POP' and I am not interested in it because I didn't understand it at all and one day suddenly a video of LISA eonni came up as it was in my youtube recommendation. It was LISA'S star dance video and I really impressed by her. I was literally wanted to watch more videos of hers. I was like 'who is she ?'.I wanted to know more and more about her. That's how I came to know about 'BLACKPINK' and the members. Surprisingly, I enjoyed their songs and also trying to mimic. But I can't pronounce the words properly, cause I am not Korean but I tried like crazy, I also started to learn Korean recently, one day I will sing properly. I also love how JISOO eonni take care of the other members, her visual looks, her cuteness, JENNIE eonnie is bold, badass, smart, personality, at the same time she is so cute too and ROSE eonni's voice, oh my god, sometimes her high notes give me goose-bumps. I love them so much too. 

But LISA eonnie is my world. I love all about her. She has everything in her personality. Being able to be one of a BLINKS is my best decision ever made till now. And I am so happy about it. Lisa ennoi is the inspiration of my life. Somehow I became to know that at the first, South Korean people had complained just because she is from another country. I really didn't understand the logic there. Maybe it's not true or maybe it was true. I felt really sad about it. She is representing two countries at a time. How one can not love her, I don't know.

I watched in some videos she was crying, I automatically cried. When i saw her smile i smiled too. She automatically becomes the happiness and the smile of mine. Even I can write a novel about you and it will never end. Thank you so much to hold a online concert. Maybe I will not able to see them in person and it will be the most regretful thing in my life.

But I have to end it. End the last of my letter I want you to know that, don't think about the haters or hate comments too much. We 'BLINKS' love you so much. You are doing great. Keep fighting. I will support you and loves you in the future unconditionally. 


An INDIAN BLINK who loves you so much.


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Anonymous : I am also an indian and l love blackpink . and l love lisa so much she means everything to me .l love you lisa eonni very much!
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Anonymous : I love Lisa so much
REPLY 3 10 months ago
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Anonymous : I love Lisa Lalisa too
REPLY 4 10 months ago
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Anonymous : I am also from India.
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