Dear Eonni: An Indian BLINK reveals BLACKPINK member Jisoo encouraged him to pursue acting

In today's edition of Dear Eonni, a BLACKPINK fan from India reveals how Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa have inspired and encouraged him.
Dear Eonni: An Indian BLINK reveals BLACKPINK member Jisoo encouraged him to pursue acting
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BLACKPINK members Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa are not only singers and rappers. They are also incredible actresses and could give models a run for their money. While we've seen glimpses through photoshoots and their music videos, Jisoo would mark her acting debut this year in Snowdrop. As we wait for Snowdrop, a fan from India reveals that the four members have helped him to take his first steps towards singing, acting and modelling. He gushes about every member individually and added that Jisoo motivated him to consider acting.

Read his letter below: 

Dear Eonni,

I, Pranav Varshan from India who is staying somewhere in the corner of the country got inspired and taken my first steps in singing, acting and modelling because of you four~ Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa. You girls are the best in the world according to my opinion. I have heard much about you and how much struggles you all have gone through. There is no word that can Judge you all because you 4 are more than perfect. You 4 are an inspiration to many, but for me you girls are not only inspiration, truly a motivation.

When I say motivation, Jisoo, who is the eldest member of BLACKPINK, has stolen my heart and replaced with excitement and boldness. She inspired me to stay strong and keep my cool. She is the first member whom I wondered a lot about. She is the cutest and strongest girl I ever saw. She inspired me to start a dream in acting and I am sure that I will be joining with Jisoo for a movie in the next 10 years. And I request you (Jisoo) to stay strong as you are now to the rest of your life so that I can get a lot motivated. Whenever I lose my hope or I feel like I am empty with no plans, I look at you and I feel a lot more energetic and motivated. One day my wishes and dreams will come true and will stay beside you with full support more than you expect. I am not here to just say that I am a BLINK, but for sure I promise that I will care, support and take a lead in K-Drama one day to accompany you in a movie for a role. That one day is very near, no matter what happens, I will achieve this goal within 10 years. Be my motivation. By the way All the best for your future and the Snowdrop show. Remember my name, so that you can keep wondering when I share the stage with you in the very near future.

And next Jennie, haa I always like your pics with the ice cream, because there is no difference between you 2 in the visuals. Both looks colourful, beautiful and calm. I love your voice which is actually strong just like Jisoo :), and of course, you are a very good dancer. Your solo was more than amazing and I can't take my eyes off your skills and swag looks. And Rose, you are such a beautiful, energetic and marvellous singer. You have a cute baby voice that can blow away the haters of your life. You look cute and pretty beautiful. I love your hair flips in the concerts. To be honest Rose is beautiful than the Roses in my garden. Be strong. You have achieved more than you dreamt.

So next to the last but not the least, the world's favourite Lisa, love you so much. I guess God has sent you to the world for making haters wonder and give them some mercy with your raps and cool dance moves. You inspired me to rap and dance. And you are not just amazing but energetic and playful. I love the way you are with Blinks and other people. And I have a conclusion which says that there are millions and millions of BLINKS available for supports, but I am gonna be something more special and will be more than a BLINK. I swear it. This will happen for sure. No guessings or Judgings. I will be myself. And I have words for the most talented manager out there for the group~Blackpink. You are so powerful, enthusiastic and a Bodyguard to the 4 queens. Be the same in the future and love you loads. And finally, I would like to thank YG Entertainment and the staffs for creating such a world demolishing girl group. Your Lable is the best and I am passionate about being a Trainee in your entertainment company. Hope that happens soon.

With love,

Pranav Varshan 

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Disclaimer: This is user-generated content. The views and opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author.

Anonymous 1 month ago

I need you

Anonymous 1 month ago

This boy is sooo nice , i hope u do get to act with jisoo in a kdrama or a movie and i hope you will enter yg entertainment company one day, as an indian i anm sooo hapoy snd proud to know tgere are a lot of people like him in india, lots of love to blackpink and pranav varshan.

Anonymous 1 month ago

Ī łōvē ÿøū

Anonymous 1 month ago

If he is a boy then he should address them as noona not eonni.

Anonymous 1 month ago

Agree !