Dear Eonni: An Indian BLINK reveals valuable lessons she's learnt from BLACKPINK's Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa & Rosè

In today's edition of Dear Eonni, Manya Chawla from India dedicates her heartwarming letter to BLACKPINK in which she's amazed by how the popular girl group express themselves to the whole world.
Dear Eonni: An Indian BLINK reveals valuable lessons she's learnt from BLACKPINK's Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa & Rosè
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BLACKPINK has time and again proved that they're nothing short of a force to be reckoned with in the music industry with every exciting comeback. As they released their first full-length album, BLACKPINK: The Album last year along with their first-ever online concert, BLACKPINK: The Show this year, the popular girl group is showing everyone how it's done and BLINKS couldn't be more elated.

Today's sweet letter has been penned by Manya Chawla from India to BLACKPINK. Read her letter below:


I am a 13-year old girl, from India. It took a lot of time to decide whether I write a letter to you or not because I am not sure if this is going to reach you. I have been listening to your amazing songs for almost 1 year now. I really like how you express yourselves to the whole world, and that's just amazing! I have never been to South Korea till now, because of which I haven't had a chance to be there in your fan sign, nor have I ever attended your live concert! But for sure I will be there in the future! I have learned a lot from you all, from Jisoo eonni I learned that no matter what the world says just be the great person that you are, the amazing and talented you; from Jennie eonni I learned to always give your best; from Lisa eonni and Rosè eonni I learned to enjoy till the very last moment and to enjoy it all;  You are great singers and dancers, I have learned a lot of dance moves from you guys. If I had a chance I wish I could become your younger sister and cradle in your love. I wish I could dance and sing with you all! I wish someday I could meet you in person. Please do come to India! Now only one thing is left to say "사랑해!"  I wish this letter reaches you all. All the best for your future! Hoping to see you very soon.

Lots of love and wishes!
- Manya Chawla

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