Dear Eonni: An Indian fan confesses that Sejeong’s voice consoles her; Says it brings her ‘peace & happiness’

In today's edition of Dear Eonni, Harshavardhini R from India writes a sweet and heartwarming letter to the South Korean actress and singer Sejeong. Scroll down to read the heartfelt note.
Dear Eonni: An Indian fan confesses that Sejeong’s voice consoles her; Says it brings her ‘peace & happiness’
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Over the past few weeks, we've received letters from different parts of the globe addressed to numerous K-pop girl groups and their members. If you have been following the series, you would have seen letters addressed to members of BLACKPINK, MAMAMOO and TWICE. Today, we feature a letter from a fan addressed to Sejeong. An Indian fan named Harshavardhini R described the multi-talented star’s talents as something that brings her peace.


Read her letter below:


Hiii Sejeong Eonni!!  I m Harsha from India.. 


I Don't know how to start but I love u so much.. Everytime you sing your voice consoles me in everysingle way even when I m crying I feel like you are crying with me that much emotions you voice gives me. Produce 101 brought me to you,the way you handled all the hurdles and won 2nd place made me realise I should fight for what I want. All your songs bring me peace and makes me listen to it all day.. You mean so much to me.. that I can't put words to show that.. Hope you achieve your dream both as singer and actress I am sure one day you will hold a concert and I will surely attend it standing there feeling too proud of you.Really miss gugudan!! Eonni really love you.. Sejeong nd Gugudan sarangae nd fighting


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Disclaimer: This is user-generated content. The views and opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author.

Anonymous 1 month ago

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Anonymous 1 month ago

Yes. No one sings an emotional ballad song better than Sejeong❣️