Dear Eonni: Indian fan confesses The Heirs alum Park Shin Hye is the reason she watches K dramas

In today's edition of Dear Eonni, Topi Riram from India writes a sweet and heartwarming letter to the South Korean actress, Park Shin Hye. Scroll down to read the heartfelt note.
Dear Eonni: Indian fan confesses The Heirs alum Park Shin Hye is the reason she watches K dramas
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If you have been a K-drama fan, you might have probably seen at least one series starring Park Shin Hye. The actress has a number of stellar performances under her belt. This includes The Heirs, Pinocchio and Memories of Alhambra. This year alone, she's delivered two memorable performances with #ALIVE and The Call. While we are eager to see what she brings to the table in 2021, an avid fan of the South Korean actress penned a letter to gushing about the star. Today's sweet letter in the Dear Eonni series has been penned by Topi Riram from India to her favourite South Korean actress, Park Shin Hye.


Read her letter below:


This letter is dedicated to my FAVORITE K-Actress , Ms. Park Shin Hye ma'am.


Literally, You're the reason I started watching K-Dramas. The first ever K-drama I saw in my life was "You're Beautiful". I love that drama BTW.

And the second one I watched was "The Heirs" which also turned out to be one of your K-dramas. And it instantly became my "All time Favorite K-Drama". I've watched "The Heirs" for the tenth times (10X). I think I know every scenes and every character names of that Drama.


You've always dedicated yourself to the roles you're playing. When we watch dramas or movies of yours, we don't see PSH on the screen, we see the characters you're playing.

Eg. In "The Heirs", we see a hard-working girl Cha Eun Sang and her struggles in life and her care for people around her.

In "Pinocchio" we see an innocent and bubbly Choi In Ah.


You also have the ability and talent to make a brilliant chemistry on-screen with your Co-actors. That's one of the BIGGEST reasons for people to love your dramas and movies, I believe.


PS: You're Extremely Beautiful and Talented.

Do what you love. Be Yourself.


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