Dear Eonni: An Indian fan confesses her love for Park Shin Hye & Kim Soo Hyun; says they’re her fav humans

In the latest edition of Dear Eonni, Isha from India dedicates her sweet letter to actress Park Shin Hye and actor Kim Soo Hyun. Read her letter below.
Korean celebrities Park Shin Hye and Kim Soo Hyun Korean actors Park Shin Hye and Kim Soo Hyun at a media event. (Pic Credits: News1)
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The K-Drama world has been giving us some precious gems since a while in the disguise of actors. Two of the most popular Korean celebrities, Park Shin Hye and Kim Soo Hyun have shown some really amazing prowess when it’s come to acting. Park Shin Hye has been a part of some incredible super hit projects such as The Heirs, Pinocchio, Sisyphus: The Myth, while Kim Soo Hyun has been a part of It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, My Love From The Star & more. 


Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Eonni series has been penned by Isha from India to actress Park Shin Hye and actor Kim Soo Hyun. Read her letter below.


Dear Ms. Park Shin Hye and Mr. Kim Soo Hyun,


To you, Oppa and Unni my favorite people whom I am watching from far away. I am writing this letter from Pune, Maharashtra, India.


Unni My first ever korean drama that I watched was (He is Beautiful) aired in 2009 and then I got an urge to see you more. Then I came across (Heartstrings) aired in 2011, the thing which made me sad in the previous drama (He is beautiful) as every viewer wanted Shin Woo to be with Go Mi Nam. I have seen all of your dramas and have admired your roles maybe it in (The Heirs, Pinnocchio, Doctors, Memories of The Alhambra, Flower Boy Next Door, etc.) I have loved you and your acting alot.


Oppa I saw you first in the drama called (My love from the Star) it kept me numb starting from the very first episode. The chemistry between Min Jun and Song Yi is just remarkable. Then I came across (It's Okay to Not be Okay and Hotel Del Luna) and it just gave me more and more cravings to see you. I can shamelessly admit that you are a Prince Charming and I am in love with you already.


I have a desperate wish of seeing you in a drama with my favourite Unni Park Shin Hye, it will be like a treat to watch two of my favourites together. It will be a dream come true for me, if I ever to get to see you both in my native province. To me, you are two of my favorite human beings. You are constantly in my thoughts, and there is not a moment that goes by when I do not think about you. I know that you will most likely never see this, and that's the pain of this situation. Being so thankful for someone who will never know who you are. I am one in a million people who admire you, look to you for a smile when I am having a bad day, and just being there to support you. 


By this I end my long love letter for you and wishing to see you more and more.

Thank you.



Pune, Maharashtra,



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Disclaimer: This is user-generated content. The views and opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author.