Dear Eonni: An Indian fan describes how BLACKPINK helped her fight for her rights

Updated on Sep 13, 2021 02:13 PM IST  |  73.3K
Dear Eonni: An Indian fan describes how BLACKPINK helped her fight for her rights

Over the past few weeks, we've received letters from different parts of the globe addressed to numerous K-pop girl groups and their members. If you have been following the series, you would have seen letters addressed to members of Red Velvet, MAMAMOO and TWICE. Today, we feature a letter from a fan addressed to BLACKPINK. A fan named Mahek Navlekar from India reveals how she got inspired by K-pop. 


Read her letter below:


Dear Eonni ,  

I am Mahek from India. What can I say about you?? There are no words to express how much we blinks have love and have gratitude towards you. I came to know about BlackPink and it's fandom by my friends and when I came to know about you it  I just went crazy. Lisa, Jennie, Jisso, Rosé you all are superb. Lisa's rap, dance ( dancing machine of the group). Jennie( Tiger ) you too have amazing raping and dancing skills . Jisso ( We love your helium song) your visuals are outstanding and you have improved so much whether it would be singing, dancing or your english, you have given your best. I love that you never cry in front of anybody and always support your group members . Rosé I will protest if someone says that your vocals are not that much good, your dancing skills are also superb and you are beautiful. On the top of everything your songs, music, dance performance are amazing. You are a addiction that all  feel happy to have. You all are awesome, cute, and beautiful in you own and and everybody loves that.BlackPink taught me to fought for myself, never felt hate and never ever give up and much more. Keep it up BLACKPINK.  Give your best as much as you can and want to.Never loose your self. Your friendship is so cute and  inspires everybody. You all four Best. My words will never stop. All is that is you, out of the world and forever and ever in my heart.



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