Dear Eonni: An Indian fan hopes Mr Queen's Shin Hye Sun continues to inspire her with bold female characters

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Dear Eonni: An Indian fan hopes Mr Queen's Shin Hye Sun continues to inspire her with bold female characters

Shin Hye-sun has time and again shown her versatility as a bonafide actress who can get into the skin of the most complex of characters. Mr. Queen, which sees Hye-sun star as the Joseon queen Kim So-yong, who has the soul of 21st century Blue House chef Jang Bong-hwan trapped in her body, is the best recent example of the 31-year-old's innate acting prowess.

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Eonni series has been penned by Shivangi from India to Hye-sun. In her letter, Shivangi admires how Hye-sun gets completely consumed by her character and that the Angel's Last Mission: Love star's story is truly inspiring. Read her letter below:

Dear Eonnie (Shin Hye-sun)

I am Shivangi from Northeastern part of India. I am 20 years old and I enjoy watching K-Drama. The reason why you are close to my heart is because I've watched  "Angel's Last Mission: Love" where you were the lead and the role that you played of a ballerina there really touched the core of my heart. You are a true artist and you bring life into the character you play.

Currently,  I am watching your ongoing drama, "Mr. Queen" and the drama is so exciting and comical, with the dialogues that are full of humour. Earlier, I saw you as Yeonseo and now I see you as Queen Cheorin. You totally get consumed into the character. You work very hard, Eonnie. I saw your script reading of the drama at YouTube and got to know your work ethic and how skilled you are as an actress, rocking the roles you play with your unexpected, sudden, facial expressions and demeanour.

You also have a very good skin. I would like to know your makeup and skincare routine too.

Love you Eunnie, always keep inspiring me through the magic you create as an actress and the bold female characters that you play. You said you started from a small role in a Drama and during that time not many people believed in you. And now you've reached the heights of your career. Your story is truly inspiring and remember that I'll believe in you, always.

Your biggest fan,

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