Dear Eonni: An Indian fan recalls how MAMAMOO Hwasa’s Maria changed her life

In the latest edition of Dear Eonni, Sreeja Roy from India dedicates her sweet letter to MAMAMOO’s Hwasa. Read her letter below.
MAMAMOO Hwasa at 2020 MBC Awards MAMAMOO's Hwasa performing at the MBC Entertainment Awards in 2020. (Pic Credits: News1)
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There isn’t just one thing that makes Hwasa one of the greatest K-Pop female idols. There are many. From her husky, mesmerizing voice, her being unapologetic about her fashion style, breaking the stereotypical boundaries that a female idol is often bound in, her songwriting skills and much more. She debuted as a MAMAMOO member in 2014 and made her solo debut with the popular song ‘Twit’. 

Even though Hwasa has been getting hate since the start for her looks not fitting the Korean beauty standard, she’s also been slaying charts and people’s hearts by emerging more powerful. 


Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Eonni series has been penned by Sreeja Roy from India to MAMAMOO’s Hwasa. Read her letter below.


Hello Hwasa Eonnie, 

I am Sreeja Roy, a moomoo from India. 


Eonnie, You may not know but you are my biggest inspiration. It was maybe November, I got to know about you. I really got addicted to ‘Marìa’. I was really fascinated by the song and it was a type of song that changed my whole life. I couldn't even believe that your song changed the track of my life. 


I was kinda shocked as I got to know that you got a lot of hate pre-debut and after debut. But look, You are like the IT girl of Korea. You changed to Korean beauty standards and thanks to you that you gained my confidence to be a K-pop idol. 


I always dream to sing like you and have a curvy body. I always get lost by the charisma in you. I always dream to sing with you but it may not happen but it can. I always cry for you because I still can't believe you stayed strong and fought by the hate you get. 


You are like a miracle. Thanks a lot that you helped me to get over the past insults and you encouraged me to not care about the insecurities. 


Thanks Eonnie, to make me the best of me. You may not even know me or you think that I don't even exist but I love you from my whole heart. 


(BTW, You and your group makes bangers.)


Loves to you and Solar, Wheein and Moonbyul Eonnies. Hope you stay safe during these hard times. 


Your Fan. 

Sreeja Roy 


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Anonymous 1 week ago

Hwasa is an ICONIC role model, she's source of strength, motivation and an inspiration for many people