Dear Eonni: An Indian fan reveals The King: Eternal Monarch alum Kim Go Eun is her girl crush

Dear Eonni: A fan from India reaches out to Kim Go Eun in a sweet letter. The fan gushes about An The King: Eternal Monarch alum.
A fan from India writes to Kim Go Eun Dear Eonni: An Indian fan reveals The King: Eternal Monarch alum Kim Go Eun is her girl crush
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Kim Go Eun returned to the small screen after a break with The King: Eternal Monarch. The actress starred opposite Lee Min Ho and won everyone over! Although it has been months since the drama ended, fans cannot stop gushing about the actress in the show. One such example is our latest Dear Eonni letter addressed to the star. An Indian fan named Aditi Sharma reveals quoted the show's line to shower Kim Go Eun with love. She also reveals that the actress is her girl crush. 

Check out the complete letter below. 

So I have been watching k dramas from the past 2 years and the first one was the immensely popular Goblin or Guardian: The Lonely and Great God and what I struck upon while watching it was Ji Eun Tak's cute "saarangeyo". From that day onwards I started fangirling Kim Go Eun and I became an ARGENIA and started watching every movie and drama that she was a part of even if it was for a second. 

Dear Eonni, you are my girl crush and I always look up to you and from my perspective, you are an epitome of natural beauty. Your power lies in your simplicity and maturity. Your aura is luxury and your presence is captivating. Whenever I see any of your news I just jump with joy. Your acting skills are amazing superb and I believe you are the best k actress.

Apart from loving your acting, I respect you so much and your views on womanhood are amazing. A person who thinks that women are beautiful purely for existing must be a beautiful, pure and a great person from inside. That's you Ggone. Your amazing acting, flawless natural beauty, great thoughts, talented brain and an inspiring personality is what has hooked me till today.

The next thing that I love is your singing and seriously when I listened to you singing I'll never love again by Lady gaga with Henry I was truly mesmerized. I always knew that you are a good singer when I heard attraction in cheese in the trap and meet him among them by lee sun hee in goblin. But last year you took off to a new level.

This year you gave such a satisfying performance in The King: Eternal Monarch that all my friends have become your fan and started shipping the couple. It's so much fun to see your Insta stories and posts regularly. You have come a long way and became stronger and wiser. 

I want to say that Go Eun Eonnie you are being loved, admired and appreciated. I will support your every step and I always remember your this line whenever life becomes hard for me that is 'We should cry at times but laugh more because that's the courtesy for the love received.' 

Though in another country, Eonni thanks for being somewhere and as your last line in The King let me love you tirelessly.

I will look forward to the hero and can't wait to listen to you sing again 

Eonni sarange. 

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Disclaimer: This is user-generated content. The views and opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author.

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Anonymous 7 months ago

Awww, this is so precious. The example and standard KGE has set for young girls everywhere is a thing of power & beauty.

Anonymous 7 months ago

Heart Reading♥️