Dear Eonni: An Indian fan REVEALS she can relate to Kim Ji Won & Ji Chang Wook's Lovestruck in the City story

In the latest edition of Dear Eonni, Ankita from India dedicates a sweet letter to Kim Ji-won and Ji Chang-wook, especially in regards to their popular drama, Lovestruck in the City. Read her letter below.
Dear Eonni: An Indian fan REVEALS she can relate to Kim Ji Won & Ji Chang Wook's Lovestruck in the City story
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Lovestruck in the City was a recently aired slice of life drama that gave a realistic outlook at millennial dating and starred Ji Chang-wook and Kim Ji-won as the rebels in love Park Jae-won and Lee Eun-oh. Lovestruck in the City also starred Choi Kyung-joon as Kim Min-seok, Seo Rin-yi as So Ju-yeon, Kang Geon as Ryu Kyung-soo and Oh Sun-young as Han Ji-eun.

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Eonni series has been penned by Ankita from India to Ji-won and Chang-wook's popular rom-com drama. Read her letter below:

Dear Ji Chang Wook Oppa,
And Kim Ji Won Unni,

I want to tell you that your new drama 'Lovestruck in the City' is the city has become one of my favourite series.
The characters were very portrayed by both of you. Not just you but I want to thank the whole cast of Lovestruck in the city.
Each love story was shown beautifully and it really shows how love stories in the city happens these days. Even when we look around and can only find people deceiving each other, I believe that love is still hidden somewhere inside their heart.
I could totally relate to this heartwarming story of Yoon Seon Ah and Park Jae Won. Sometimes it's hard to understand ourselves more and in between we might hurt other people. But we need to believe in ourself and a person who believes in us.
That's how this the story of 'Lovestruck in the City' will always be in my heart.
Thank you for making me realize that anyone can love and find love.
This drama is must watch.

Lots of love from India

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