Dear Eonni: An Indian fan says Kim So Hyun is her forever favourite; has binge watched every single drama

In the latest edition of Dear Eonni, Amidha from India dedicates her sweet letter to Love Alarm’s Kim So Hyun. Read her letter below.
Love Alarm actor Kim So Hyun taking a casual selfie Dear Eonni: An Indian fan says Kim So Hyun is her forever favourite; has binge watched every single drama
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With a bubbly personality and chubby cheeks, it’s difficult for anyone not to fall in love with Kim So Hyun at first sight. Just 21 years old, So Hyun has been a part of some incredible dramas and shown her acting prowess by playing lead roles in almost 9+ KDramas. Some of her notable works include The Tale of Nokdu, Who Are You: School 2015, River Where The Moon Rises and the current fan favourite, Love Alarm. 


Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Eonni series has been penned by Vijay Varshini from India to Kim So Hyun. Read her letter below


Dear So Hyun Unnie,

You are the biggest inspiration for me. I first saw you in Goblin but then that time I didn’t really know about you but then you stole my heart in Love Alarm. I know a lot of people writing letters to their oppa, but I wanted to badly write this letter for you. Wish this would reach you. Everything about you is beautiful unnie. You look so pretty in all the

costumes you wear.

The acting and your expressions are all out of the world. I have already binge watched every drama of yours from Moon Embracing the sun to Page Turner to Tale of Nokdu to Who are You: School 2015 to Radio Romance and finally Love Alarm. I actually saw While you were sleeping also especially for your scenes and your cameo in the last episode made me really excited. You were such a boss queen and your style is marvellous. Unnie, even I am born in June and I am happy that we both share the same birthday month. I am so crazy about you that my wallpaper is your photo. I am so eagerly waiting for the upcoming drama ‘River Where The Moon Rises’ and I can’t wait to watch that along with Love Alarm Season 2. All of your romance scenes flatter me and make my heart beat faster. I can very much resonate it with you. Unnie, even my Youtube search is only about you. I have seen your stills of all the drama award shows and music shows even without subtitles because I just love you so much. I won’t understand anything but listening to your voice makes me feel satiated. At least once in a time every day you will cross my mind. You are very kind unnie. Looking at all your kind gestures, I want to follow your positivity. I love you Kim So Hyun unnie. Whenever I lack concentration in my studies, I will always think about you. How hard you would have worked to reach this pinnacle and with this I remind myself that I should also work hard and I give my level best. I also want you to act in many more dramas. Even now, if people ask me who my favourite actor/actress is I would say your name. You are more than everything. My wish is to come to South Korea and meet you once. I want to spend one day with you, shopping, eating lunch, a karaoke singing and having a great girl’s day out. I wish I knew you. At my next birth, I want to be your sister or at least your best friend so I can always be with you at your side. This is how much of a fan I am to you.


Saranghaeeoo So Hyun Unnie,



Your No.1 Fan amidha.



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Disclaimer: This is user-generated content. The views and opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author.

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