Dear Eonni: An Indian fan thanks IU for getting her through a dark phase with her music; Praises idol’s warmth

In today's edition of Dear Eonni, Annushka Tiwari from India writes a sweet and heartwarming letter to the South Korean band, BLACKPINK. Scroll down to read the heartfelt note.
Dear Eonni: An Indian fan thanks IU for getting her through a dark phase with her music; Praises idol’s warmth
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Lee Ji-eun, aka IU, is a South Korean singer-songwriter and actress. After debuting as a singer at the age of fifteen with her first mini-album Lost and Found, the idol went on to star in several hit K dramas and even worked on her music. Over the years the idol has carved a niche for herself in the Korean entertainment industry. Today's sweet letter in the Dear Eonni series has been penned by Chitvan Kaur Sahni from India to her favourite band IU. 


Read her letter below:


Hello unnie! 

I am 

Chitvan kaur sahni from India. 

I am 20 years old, and i wanted to tell you that 

Your voice, your expressions, your variations in singing each and everything is worth loving. I always wanted to look into your eyes and say we love you, and wherever you are and what you do, you are always worth loving.

IU unnie

we loved you before knowing your heart, love and the warmth you wanted to spread into this world.

after knowing who you are and all that you have done with your completely pure heart, I understood that you are not only worth loving, you are worth respecting also. 

absolutely, everyone should be respected. irrespective of the personality, but you IU unnie your voice is like a medicine for fever, your voice is like the hug from the person who is by your side forever. 

please keep changing but please dont let this world ruin your kindness, warmth and love.

we, the world needs more and more people like you.

I was in a very dark phase of my life and was watching your drama "The producers" there when you performed the song 23 i heard your singing voice for the first time and started searching for you all over internet and found you, then i started Hearing your songs and unnie, the first song i ever heard of yours was "knees" i didn't know or understand the lyrics, but just hearing your voice made me cry for so long that i felt better the next day, and then i started listening to all your songs with their meaning, which is where i found that you wrote your own songs unnie and thank you unnie for all of that love you have given us 

Last but not least 

Unnie Thank you for helping me sleep peacefully at night when i thought i would never make through the night. 

We love and respect you unnie. 


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