Dear Eonni: An Indian MooMoo reveals why MAMAMOO's Hwasa is a force to reckon with & a source of inspiration

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MAMAMOO perform at DMZ Live 2020 (Pic credit - News1)

One of the most talented girl groups in the Korean entertainment industry is MAMAMOO! MAMAMOO debuted on June 18, 2014, and is composed of four members Solar (leader and vocalist), Moonbyul (rapper), Wheein (vocalist) and Hwasa (vocalist and rapper). The talented girls complete seven years in the business and have enthralled fans across the world with their strong vocals, stylish performances and unique style. 

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Eonni series has been penned by Sammriddha M  from India for MAMAMOO. Read her letter below.

Dear MAMAMOO Eonni,

I am Sammriddha M. Handique from Assam, India. This is my open letter to MAMAMOO on the occasion of the group's 7th anniversary. I've always been a big fan of their music and special live performances. Since the beginning, MAMAMOO was the one who caught my attention. These girls have so much potential, their story and road to success, has always been an inspiration to their young MooMoos (Fans). At the beginning of their career, they had to do everything on their own - from makeup to styling,  but now they have a crew under them who work for them. 

In these 7 years, I've felt like I was the 'one' who stood with them when they've received their awards, crying, laughing and hugging the girls. It felt like it's not only their success but also ours, MooMoos's success too! And everything that they've today, it is their own and they deserved this success, in fact, more than this. I am grateful to them for being so genuine towards us, fans.

My bias is Hwasa, but every member in this group has a unique level of beauty and talent in them. Hwasa is my bias because she was the one whom I knew from day one and her one quote really stayed in mind, which pushed me towards becoming their fan. At one of her concerts, Hwasa narrated an inspiring story about an audition process she was a part of. Even though she wowed the casting agencies with her vocals and performance, they ultimately turned her down with a cold comment saying, "You're really unique and good at singing but you're not pretty." Those words became a major turning point for her. Although she knew that singing was her dream, she promised herself one thing and I quote her, "If I don't fit into this generation's standard of beauty, then I will have to become a different standard". 

After the audition, she watched Beyonce's performances. She was quoted as saying "Just watching Beyonce's performances consoled me. If I'm having a hard time, watching her concert videos and documentary give me strength. It's like my exhausted energy being filled up again. I'm inspired by just watching her."

Yes, her life story and journey inspire me to care a little less about what people think of me and continue improving myself in the future. Not only that, but Hwasa is also extremely talented, her beautiful, angelic and powerful voice just hits the right spot in our body and let's not forget the fact that she is a beautiful woman too!

Now, let me tell you about Solar, the leader of the group. Solar is a beautiful human being and I wish there were more people like her and other members of the group.  In 2010, when she was 20, she was originally training to be a flight attendant, and one day, stopped to sign up for a free gift. In order to get the gift, she had to sing for it, and that was when an RBW Entertainment (formerly WA Entertainment) representative noticed her talent, and after a successful audition, signed her up to be a trainee in 2011! 

After 3 years of training, she finally made her debut with MAMAMOO in 2017! Talent, Talent, Talent! All I can say is no one can beat the talent she possesses and that's what made me like her. I love the fact that her powerful voice never disappoints me and also she has a 'crackehead' side to her, which is very enjoyable too. And her pole dance performance at the 2019 MAMA awards will forever be ICONIC! 

Wheein is an angel from heaven! Her beautiful visuals and angelic voice always bias wrecks me hard, not to forget that she has great fashion sense and as a vocalist she deserves more recognition. In 2011, Hwasa and Wheein managed to join RBW Entertainment as trainees and became the first two members of MAMAMOO to join the agency. Hwasa trained for 3 years alongside the other two members, specializing in vocals and rap, and ultimately debuting as the lead rapper, lead vocalist and maknae of MAMAMOO in 2014! And I love their friendship so much also I am obsessed with Wheein's "Water Colour".

Moonbyul, we can't go too wrong with Moonbyul! Her best looks are when she raps and also her tom-boyish avatar. She is cute, beautiful, fashionable, a great dancer and also a sweetheart. Moonbyul has a long history of music training. She auditioned for multiple agencies, and made it into quite a few of them! Moonbyul and fellow member Wheein were even in the same agency together before joining RBW Entertainment, where Moonbyul was the leader and Wheein was the maknae. But the group only lasted a week before they all went their separate ways. She then auditioned for RBW Entertainment, and successfully entered the company as the last trainee among the 4 members of MAMAMOO, a month after Solar did. After 3 years of training, she made her debut as the main rapper and main dancer of MAMAMOO in 2014! Her song "Selfish" featuring Red Velvet's Seulgi is my absolute favourite.

All the four members of MAMAMOO are my favourite! 7 years together with them is very personal to me and always will be. I wish them all the success, love and happiness in their future. Of course, if I have the chance, I want to spend a single day with them, at least. I am very happy and proud of being a MooMoo and will always be. Happy 7th Anniversary to MAMAMOO and us, MooMoos. I love you MAMAMOO, always and forever. Thank you for everything. 

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Anonymous : My name is Sammriddha M. Handique and I hope you'll correct that out and some of the lines have been missed out so please do edit it. Other than that I am very happy today that in the 7th anniversary of Mamamoo, my letter got published and I hope Mamamoo does see this letter one day. So happy 7th anniversary y'all!
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