Dear Eonni: An Indian ReVeluv reveals why she admires Irene; Says the idol doesn't deserve the hate received

A ReVeluv from India pens an open letter as part of Pinkvilla's Dear Eonni segment to show her love to Irene. The fan addressed the recent attitude controversy as well.
Dear Eonni: An Indian ReVeluv reveals why she admires Irene; Says the idol doesn't deserve the hate received
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In today's edition of Dear Eonni, a 13-year-old Red Velvet penned a sweet letter addressed to Irene. Pradnya Ghatage from India reached out to the K-pop idol and informed her that she came across the singer back in December 2019. The young ReVeluv said she admires Irene is her bias because she is the ideal "beauty with brain." She also spoke about Irene's attitude controversy from last year and felt that the K-pop idol did not deserve the hate she received lately. 

Check out her complete letter below: 

Dear Irene Eonni,

I am a 13-year-old ReVeluv from India, writing to you with lots of love and support.

I still remember it was December of 2019, where I was randomly surfing the internet, and found a music video titled 'Red Velvet Psycho'. I was curious and clicked on it, and to my surprise my ears were blessed with such good music I regretted, discovering before.

From then I started stanning red velvet and eventually discovered K-pop music. You have been a great source of inspiration for me. Though you are known to be one of the most beautiful female idols in the K-pop industry, you are a great vocalist and an amazing dancer.

Though I love every member you have always been my bias in red velvet. I admire you a lot. I have also started to learn Korean to understand the lyrics of your songs and to connect with you. My main reason to admire you is that I think you are the 'Beauty with Brain', the way you take care of your fellow Red Velvet members is just overwhelming.

Your voice is so distinct that, it cheers my ears. When you dance it feels like your expressing yourself through your moves. And I am speechless about your visuals, and those are like the best in the world, for me you are the most beautiful women on this earth. I play red velvet songs when I am feeling down or defeated and after listening to them I feel like I am the happiest person on this earth. And obviously, billboard didn't crown Red Velvet as 'The best idol group alive' for nothing.

Recently, I heard that you were caught in an attitude controversy, but I personally think you do not deserve all the hate that you are getting lately. Because you protect your groupmates, you listen to them, and feed them before yourself, I mean who gifts their backup dancers AirPods Pro! 

So, in the end, remember that there are more lovers than haters and stay positive. I don't know if this letter will ever reach you but I have a lot of hope in my mind. And there are tons of ReVeluvs in India, so please do visit at least once and I will be waiting for you. Please give my love to Seulgi, Wendy, Joy and Yeri unnie.

Your biggest fan,

Pradnya ghatage




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